Yulia Englin Reaches Higher

yulia engelin

Yulia Englin started studying Scientology at Dror Center in 1996. After completing her introductory services, Yulia decided to advance on the Bridge at the Tel Aviv Org where she joined staff in 2010 with a goal to become a professional auditor. In 2013, she completed the Metering Course and her training as a Professional Word Clearer at the Flag Service Org, Clearwater, Florida. From Flag, Yulia returned to Tel Aviv Org as the Academy Word Clearer.

When joining staff, Yulia was promised that she will go up the Bridge as an auditor and do her OT Levels. The staff of TAV Org was promised by the Church’s boss, David Miscavige, at the opening of the ‘Ideal Org’ in August 2012, that soon the Universe Corps will arrive, and the entire staff will do their OT Levels. Obviously, this never happened.

By the year 2015, Yulia realized that she can never reach her goals in the Church and decided to leave. Since then, she is making rapid progress on both sides of The Route to Spiritual Freedom at Dror Center.

Yulia completed training as a LifePower Coach, and as a Life Repair Auditor. She now successfully gives auditing to her preclears.

In May 2018, Yulia attested to the State of Clear. In August 2019, she completed OT2. And in May 2020, she completed OT Drug Rundown. Yulia kept going and completed Audited NOT’s and the Solo NOT’s Auditor Course.

Most recently, Yulia completed New Era Dianetics for OT’s. We invite you to listen to her success story in the following video. Since Yulia speaks Hebrew, we have added English subtitles for your convenience.

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