The Operating Conditions – An Overview

Last week we began posting sections of a seminar delivered by Dani Lemberger, titled ‘Improving Conditions in Life’. This seminar, held in Riga, Latvia, in August 2022, covers the vital subject of the Operating Conditions and their formulas. Dani demonstrates how correct application of this vital piece of Ron Hubbard’s Admin Tech, can enable everyone to reach power and prosperity.

Dani Talks Spirit


Today, we publish Part 4 of the seminars delivered by Tami and Dani Lemberger during their recent visit to Athens, Greece.

Tami and Dani visited Athens in November 2022, at the invitation of Kostas and Jullia Pappas, to support the establishment of LifePower Athens.

In the seminar of 18th November, following Tami’s demonstration of the use of the E-Meter, Dani went into a discussion of the spirit, its nature and characteristics, as revealed by Ron Hubbard. Dani explains:

Tami Shows Us How It’s Done

Tami Lemberger

In November 2022, Tami and Dani Lemberger visited Athens, Greece, at the invitation of Kostas and Jullia Pappas. The purpose of the visit was to support the establishing of LifePower Athens. Earlier in 2022, Kostas and Jullia had spent time at Dror Center, continuing their progress on The Route to Spiritual Freedom. While Kostas was in Haifa, he gave an interview to Aviv Bershadsky.

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