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An article written by Dani Lemberger, 8 April 2022

On 24 February 2022, the world woke up to the roar of tanks, jets, artillery, infantry, rockets, missiles, and naval forces charging into Ukraine from across its long border with Russia. What a shocker that was! We had long considered that war in Europe was an impossibility, belonging in history books recounting World War Two which ended in 1945. With the rest of media consumers, I was incredulous as we witnessed a replay of that horrific war.

And since that day, we see online the pictures of scattered corpses, dismembered men, children gripped with fear, hysterical mothers grabbing babies, millions left homeless, apartment buildings turned to rubble, people fleeing but nowhere to, thriving cities demolished as their overwhelmed inhabitants scratch for food and water.


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Elkin Posada: My History with Hubbard’s Tech

I could spend the rest of this lifetime writing about what Ron Hubbard did for me:

  • How his Tech has changed my ETERNITY;
  • How I discovered data that I cannot figure out how LRH got to them;
  • How he had the divine motivation to put it together for us;
  • And how he has worked hundreds of years to put all this together.

And Ron did put it together in a workable system so that we could have access to material that is forbidden in this Universe. So much so, that any attempt to access it would result in death, or at least, in instability, insanity, or madness.

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