Gatis Does Both Sides

Recently, Dror Center had the pleasure of hosting Gatis Drevins and his lovely family – wife Sandra, and their 4-year-old son Rojs. They continued their journey up the Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Gatis visits Dror Center regularly to advance on both sides of the Route: His auditor training and progress towards the State of Clear. Gatis is the lead Academy Supervisor and the auditor at LifePower Riga. He delivers processes based on the LifePower library and on previous visits here has progressed to auditing with the use of the E-meter.

LifePower Riga now delivers all LifePower processes and courses, the Purification Rundown, the Life Repair Program, and Objective Processes.

On his last visit, Gatis completed Grade 1 – Problems Release, and graduated The Professional Communications Course.

You are invited to watch the interview Dani Lemberger held with Gatis. We’ve added subtitles for your convenience. Enjoy!

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