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Thirty Years Old … And Going Strong

As you may recall, two weeks ago we sent you an invitation to Dror Center’s celebration of its 30 year anniversary and a housewarming for its new premises.
All were invited and over 130 guests attended the party on Friday, May 20th. There was food and drink aplenty, conversations were lively, a few speeches were given, our latest LifePower book was released and spirits were high.

Dror’s Graduation –
Tami Lemberger on Hubbard’s Tech

On 16 October 2021 Dror held its Graduation Party. Two weeks ago, we posted a section from the party – the concert played by Eiby Zelnik.

Today, we share with you the first speech at Graduation – Tami Lemberger, Dror’s Senior Case Supervisor, an auditor with 40 years of experience, talking about Dror’s founding and the application of Hubbard’s Technology.

Sneak Peek at Dror’s Future Home

Dror Center has been expanding rapidly over the past few years. We posted our stats for 2020 on 29th January 2021, and the affluence trend has continued since.

Dror’s growth is fueled by the LifePower books, course checksheets, and promotional actions which continue to attract new public to Ron Hubbard’s philosophy. For our readers who are not yet familiar with LifePower, we recommend that you watch “The Story of LifePower”, in which Dani Lemberger, author of the LP books, explains what prompted him to engage in this vast project.

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