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Dror Center was founded by Tami and Dani Lemberger in 1992, upon their return to their hometown, Haifa, Israel. They established Dror with the purpose of making it possible for every individual to realize the great potential they hold by precise application of Ron Hubbard’s spiritual philosophy.

Prior to opening Dror Center, Tami and Dani lived in the United States, the last two years in Clearwater, Florida where they both went up the Bridge at Flag. By November 1991, they were auditing on Solo NOTs, and were highly trained: Tami as a Graduate 5 Auditor and Case Supervisor, Dani as a Course Supervisor, Ethics Specialist, and Executive.

Dror Center began operating in February 1992. It rapidly expanded, delivering auditing and training. Dror Center won many awards and became a major FSM for AO’s and the Tel Aviv Org. Tami Lemberger was twice nominated as Top International Field Auditor for the years 2000 and 2002! Dror Center was the largest Mission in the European network many years in a row. By 2012, Dror center numbered six staff and approximately 50 public.

In the year 2010, Dror’s founders turned it into an equal partnership of five: Aviv Bershadsky, Moti Weizman, Dima Dubinin, Tami and Dani.

Around the year 2005, it became apparent that many things were going wrong in the Church of Scientology. All attempts to warn or even communicate about this were met by threats. Church management developed a control mechanism, in violation of Ron’s policy, intimidating the public with fear of losing one’s Bridge, so as to force submission. Management’s ‘logic’ was: Communication = Criticism = Accusation of committing crimes = Threat of being declared a ‘Suppressive Person’. This came to a head in June 2012, when all of Dror’s staff was declared ‘Suppressive’ and left the Church with most of the public. Upon leaving, they published a clear statement: Dror’s letter of July 2012.

Following its departure from the Church, Dror launched an urgent campaign to acquire the full Technology of Ron Hubbard, to guarantee the safe and accurate delivery of the full Bridge and all Rundowns and processes. Dror now delivers the entire Route to Spiritual Freedom – training, the OT Levels and the L Rundowns. Dror puts an emphasis on training, its academy is bustling with activity, many young individuals learning to become professional auditors.

In 2017, Dani Lemberger launched the LifePower Library, a new series of books placing Ron’s magical Tech within easy grasp of every individual, in a language and format that is easy to read, understand, drill and apply. LifePower Centers and Academies have opened in various locations, in Israel and abroad, where hundreds study the courses and receive counselling based on the LifePower Library.

This website will provide you with a wealth of data about Dror:

  • Services available at Dror – Auditing to Clear, Training as an Auditor, the OT Levels and the L Rundowns;
  • Dror’s current staff of ten highly-trained, dedicated individuals servicing you in English, Russian and Hebrew;
  • Public at Dror with their personal letters and experiences;
  • The history of Dror’s departure from the church and legal action taken to thwart the Church’s attempts to destroy Dror;
  • Finally, wins of public coming to Dror from around the globe.

We will be happy to hear from you, answer all your questions and assist you with your progress. You can always write to us at:  friendsofdrorcenter@gmail.com.
You can also contact Dror Center directly by email: info@drorcenter.co.il or call them: +972-4-8672788.

Here’s the team at Dror Center:

Tami Lemberger

Tami Lemberger

Founder, Senior Case Supervisor,
OT Review Auditor

Tami began studying Scientology in 1980 and soon decided to become a professional auditor. Tami has trained extensively and became a Flag-interned Grad 5 Auditor and C/S. She has completed Solo NOTs, L Rundowns, which she also delivers, and much more. Since leaving the church Tami continued her training and is now an OT Review Auditor.

Tami says, "My goal, when I founded Dror Center, was to deliver LRH Technology throughout the Middle East. I am thrilled that we are achieving this goal daily. My satisfaction in life derives from the changes in the life of our preclears and students."


Dani Lemberger

Founder, Managing Partner

Dani has extensive training in various technologies such as management, ethics, course supervision and as an auditor. Prior to Scientology, Dani studied Economics in Haifa University and has an MBA degree with distinction from INSEAD, Fontainebleau.

Tami and Dani married in Haifa in 1979 and while on their extended honeymoon, started doing Scientology in San Francisco in 1980. They moved steadily up the Bridge in training and auditing and have both completed Solo NOTs. They founded Dror Center in 1992 and since then it has steadily expanded and became was one of the largest Missions within the Church of Scientology.

Dror Center left the church in 2012. Dani explains, “We had to leave following our observation of gross out-tech and illegal activities conducted by church management. Dror has as its purpose to preserve Ron’s Tech and to become a leading organization for delivery of the whole Bridge. Here you can train and we will help you become a professional auditor. You can receive auditing and go up the Bridge to full OT.”


Aviv Bershadsky

Partner, Auditor and Case Supervisor,
Head of Advanced Levels Course Room

Aviv, born in Odessa, Ukraine in 1981, joined Dror Center in 1998, three years after moving to Israel. After completion of several introductory courses, Aviv decided to become a professional auditor. He left for Saint Hill, England where he trained as a Class IV auditor in 1999. Aviv continued his training at AOSH EU, Copenhagen, Tampa Org, Florida and ANZO, Sydney.

In 2012 Aviv led the decision to leave the church and quickly trained on delivery of the OT Levels and most recently, the L Rundowns. Aviv says, "Being an auditor is the most satisfying profession for me. My goal in life is to make people happy, able and more aware. At Dror, I can see daily the results of my work where we deliver the full Bridge. It is my challenge to get you through the Upper Levels, so you too can achieve the state of Cause over Life".

Dima Dubinin 3

Dima Dubinin

Partner, Class V auditor, Director of Training, Purification Rundown C/S

Dima arrived at Dror in 1996 while he was still a high school student. Dima did much training and auditing at Dror and at age 19 decided to join staff. He has since done extensive training in the Tel Aviv Org, Israel and at the Tampa Org, Florida.

Dima says, "I always wanted to help people. At Dror I have many hats, I am an auditor, Academy Director of Training and Purification Rundown C/S. Dror is the ideal place for me because only here I can really help people make their lives better and achieve higher spiritual awareness."


Moti Weizman

Partner, OT Levels Instructor,
Finance and Administration

Moti joined Dror staff in 2006 after being a staff member at the Tel Aviv Org for 6 years. At the Tel Aviv org Moti was a popular Course Sup, reputed for his patience, caring and insistence on Standard Tech. Following Dror’s independence, Moti rapidly moved up the Bridge to Clear and OT and now assists in the training of the many individuals who come to Dror for their OT Levels.

Moti: "Dror is my home, I even met my wife Carmela here. At Dror I witness ability gains made routinely. Without financial viability we could not survive, so I make sure the finances, computer systems and administration operate smoothly. I am proud to be a member of Dror."


Carmela Weizman

Auditor, Personal Instructor and Registrar

Carmela has been on Dror staff since 1997. She did her training at Dror and at the Tel Aviv Org. Carmela is highly skilled, working with new public and children. Most public who are now high on the Bridge at Dror, did their first actions with Carmela. Carmela attested Clear recently, is moving on her OT Levels and progressing constantly on her training.

Carmela says, "Throughout the years at Dror Center I helped numerous people improve various areas of their life. I am in charge of interviewing new public who arrive here and directing them to the proper service they need. I am expert at marriage counseling, assisting children with their difficulties at school and at home, application of study technology and using tools of personal ethics to enhance life. I am very satisfied with what I do because I contribute to my environment."


Emilia Benyaminov

Lead Academy Supervisor

Emily joined staff at Dror in 2017 and rapidly took upon herself the heavy responsibility of Lead Academy Supervisor. Emily is training constantly to also become an auditor and to be able to train many more auditors.

She says, “Although I have never been at the Church, from what I’ve heard from so many people, I know the best place to do Scientology is Dror. I have enjoyed great wins from auditing and training, now I want to make it possible for others to have similar changes in life. That’s why I’m here, in the Academy, ready to train you!”


Eitan Beitner

LifePower Specialist, Course Supervisor,
Auditor Trainee

Eitan first came to Dror as a high-school student in 2003 and soon became enthusiastic about Ron’s Tech. He continued his training as Course Supervisor in the Tel Aviv Org and at AOSH EU, Copenhagen. Eitan joined staff in 2018 to become part of the exciting LifePower project which he is managing. Eitan is also helping in the Academy as a supervisor and training to become an auditor.

Eitan: “The most satisfying thing for me is to see others beaming with wins on course or after session. The book LifePower and our international LP network are now placing Hubbard’s Tech within reach of millions around the World. This is really a new beginning for Scientology and I am thrilled to be part of it.”

Yulia Filchenko

Yulia Filchenko

Receptionist, Course Supervisor, Auditor Trainee

Yulia is the most recent recruit at Dror. Yulia moved to Israel from Russia in 2017, heard of Dror and immediately decided to join staff. She quickly learned Hebrew and will soon audit in three languages: Russian, English and Hebrew.

Yulia says, “I am so happy I found Dror. I’ve always looked for a way to improve my life and help others improve theirs. When I heard about Dror and Hubbard’s Technology, I decided to check it out. I was amazed, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I am studying to become an auditor, I am going up the Bridge and I work with a wonderful group! Thanks.”

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