Making History

Ten Years Ago – Installment 5
Major Media Interest

We recently began following the events of 2012, Dror Center’s escape from the claws of the Church of Scientology.

On January 21, 2022, we posted the first publication of Dror’s departure, Dani Lemberger’s interview with Tony Ortega, published in the Village Voice in July 2012.

Then on February 4, 2022, we published Dani’s interview with Emilia Benyaminov, where he first revealed data on how Dror acquired the full materials of Hubbard’s Bridge.

Dror Center’s New Home

A while back, Dror Center’s management decided that Dror should move to a new place. For the past few months, Dani and his crew have been scouring far and wide for a perfect space that will be most suitable for Dror’s unique needs.

And now, with great joy and excitement, we can finally announce that the search is over and that Dror Center will soon move to its new home!

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