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Article written by Aviv Bershadsky

OT Levels, OT means Operating Thetan.


Ron Hubbard defined the state of OT as follows: “Let us look at the definition of OT – cause over thought, life, form, matter, energy, space and time.” (from: Policy Letter “OT Orgs” 14.1.1969). Another definition is found in the technical dictionary, page 280, “7. This state of being is attained by drills and familiarity after the state of Clear has been obtained. A real OT has no reactive bank, is cause over matter, energy, space, time and thought and is completely free.”

Well, what is the difference between Clear and OT? Clear is defined as “A being without a reactive mind of his own” (from: the Bridge to Toatal Freedom, Classification, Gradation and Awarness Chart of Levels and Certificates).

Ron fully clarifies the difference between Clear and OT in Ron’s Journal 67 of 1967 (an important speech of Ron, known as RJ 67, in which he announced the release of OT III): “A man is clear on the first dynamic. It is necessary to become OT in order to reach clear on all dynamics. Including the dynamic of society and of the physical universe.”

The state of OT is the final product of the Bridge to Total Freedom. When a person is Clear he has no longer a reactive mind of his own. But he is still influenced, in some way or another, by his other dynamics, for instance his relatives, the society in which he lives or the physical universe.

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The Unstoppable Dima Jitovetsky!

And here’s an important announcement: Dima Jitovetsky just completed Solo NOT’s! Dima began studying Hubbard’s philosophy at Dror Center in 2000 and did all his auditing up to New Era Dianetics at Dror. He was many years on training at the Tel Aviv Org. Dima attested Clear at AOSH EU, Copenhagen, in April 2011. In […]

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Aviv Presents the ‘Between-Lives Data Course’

A few weeks ago, we published Aviv Bershadsky’s success story from the completion of Advanced Level Original OT IV. In the video of completing OT IV, Aviv mentions briefly the Between-Lives Data Course that was created and is being delivered at Dror Center.

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Freedom From Ever Being Trapped Again

Dear Friends,This is Eitan Baitner, Dror Friend’s site Administrator. I am happy to announce that Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s AO auditor and C/S, has recently completed the Original OT 4. We covered the subject of the Original OT Levels in full in this article, written by Aviv himself.

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Experience Dror’s Auditing Right Where You Are!

Hello, Dear Friend!Eitan Baitner here. Yes, you read it correctly. You can experience Dror Center’s quality auditing at your home. And I am not talking about auditing on-line … Over the past year, Dror Center has been providing Case Supervision services to Class VIII auditor Wolfgang Keller. Wolfgang began his Scientology journey at the New […]

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Dani Lemberger: The Use of Admin Tech

Dear friends,This is Eitan Baitner, Dror Friend’s site Administrator. In May 2020, Dani Lemberger gave a lecture as part of the ‘Theta-Flow’ conference. Mikhail Federov, who organized the conference, asked Dani to share with the participants his successful actions in creating and expanding Dror Center.

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