Yulia Engelin Is Now a Life Repair Auditor

Dror Center’s main goal since its founding in 1992 has been the training of auditors. The suppression that the Church placed on auditor training was a major reason for Dror’s departure from the Church in 2012.

Two main successful actions done at Dror have advanced the purpose of auditor training:
1. The LifePower books and courses have brought a steady rise in the number of new people training at Dror’s Academy. At the end of 2020, Dror achieved a record number of active public on its lines.
2. The technical team at Dror realized that the training side of the Bridge must align with the processing Grades on the Bridge. For example, the first auditing action a pc typically receives is the Life Repair Program. However, in the Church, one must first be a Class IV Auditor before one can deliver Life Repair. Thus, a fresh auditor cannot deliver the first actions on the Bridge and we have ‘too long a runway’. This slows the training of new auditors and preclears wait impatiently for an auditor to run them on Life Repair.

Therefore, Dror’s Case Supervisors have reorganized the training lineup, so when an auditor trainee completes the Metering Course, he continues with the Life Repair Auditor Course and can immediately start auditing.

Today we want to share with you the success story of Yulia Engelin, who is  doing her OT Levels and auditor training at Dror’s Academy.

Yulia Engelin joined staff at Tel Aviv-Org in 2010 with a goal to become a professional auditor. In 2013, she completed the Metering Course and her training as a Professional Word Clearer at the Flag Service Org, Clearwater, Florida.
From Flag, Yulia returned to Tel Aviv Org as the Academy Word Clearer.

When joining staff, Yulia was promised that she will go up the Bridge, both as an auditor and do her OT Levels. The staff of the TAV Org was promised by David Miscavige at the opening of the ‘Ideal Org’ in August 2012, that soon the Universe Corps will arrive and the entire staff will do their OT Levels in Tel Aviv. Obviously, this never happened.

In 2015, Yulia realized that she can never reach her goals as a Scientologist in the Church and decided to leave the Church. Since then, Yulia has made rapid progress on both sides of the Bridge at Dror Center. In August 2019, she completed her OT 2 and in May 2020, we posted her wins from the OT Drug Rundown.

In January 2021, Yulia completed the Life Repair Auditor Course!

We are proud to share with you her wins from completing this course:
“Finally, I completed this course. The course is extremely important for anyone who wants to help others. In the practical section of the course, I delivered processes to two preclears. I could see their viewpoints changing. It was wonderful to see it.
“I recommend to everyone that they should experience the feeling of giving auditing to others. The auditor is highly valuable to mankind, he gives people a chance to know who they really are and what is their true purpose in life.”

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  1. Great, Yulia!! Your actions are so valuable!! Continue going up the Bridge on both sides – that’s the way to do it!
    Much love,

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