Getting Purified (again) at Dror Center

Dror Center has been delivering the Purification Rundown for over 26 years with great results under the supervision of Dror’s Senior C/S, Tami Lemberger, and Dror’s Purification Rundown C/S, Dima Dubinin.

In April 2020, we posted an article about the Purification Rundown. In this article we highlighted the main points of Ron Hubbard’s Technology on how it should be run correctly and in which cases one should repeat this Rundown.

In February 2021, two more pre-OT’s added to Dror’s statistics of successful completion of the Purification RD, both doing this Rundown a second time.

The first completion is Vika Voland. Vika has been on Dror lines for over 20 years. In 2013, Vika attested to the State of Clear and since then advanced rapidly on the Advanced Levels. Last year, at Dror’s Annual Graduation Party, Vika shared with us her wonderful wins from completing Audited NED for OT’s and the L11 Rundown.

The second Purification Rundown completion is Ronit Schaul. Ronit has been on Dror’s lines since 1998, rapidly progressing up the Bridge. She is also assisting her son Don Schaul in establishing Clearing Center in Tel-Aviv. In June 2020, we posted her great wins from completing OT 3.

Today, we would like to add some more data from Ron Hubbard, which explains the importance of doing this program.

In the book, Clear Body Clear Mind, originally published in 1990 based on the works of Ron Hubbard, we find:

Page 9, “The planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress—drugs and other biochemical substances. These can put people into a condition which not only prohibits and destroys physical health but which can prevent any stable advancement in mental or spiritual well-being.”

Page 10, “Unfortunately, the current environment is becoming permeated with these life-hostile elements. Drugs, radioactive wastes, pollutants and chemical agents of various types are all a part of the scene and, apparently, more and more prevalent as time goes on.”

Page 14, “Unfortunately, it is not recognized that a person whose pain has been deadened by a sedative, has himself been deadened by the same drug, and is much nearer the ultimate pain of death.”

Page 18, “The Purification program is a proffered answer to the barrier we call the biochemical problem. It could be called a ‘long-range detoxification program.’ While it is addressed primarily to the handling of drug residues lodged in the body, it is possible that there are many toxic substances which the body accumulates which the program may accelerate getting rid of.

“My concern in developing the Purification program has not been with handling bodies. My research for many, many years has been carried out with the purpose of freeing man spiritually. My original inquiry was into the nature of man and the bulk of my work has always addressed man as a spiritual being. When barriers to this have arisen, those barriers have merited further research and resolution.”

Both Vika and Ronit did the Purification Rundown many years ago at the entrance point to the Bridge. Now, when they are both on their OT Levels, they did this action a second time. Tami, Dror’s C/S, explains that there could be individual circumstances necessitating that a person repeats the Purif, to facilitate further progress on the Bridge at the highest levels. This could be due to a medical procedure the person underwent using strong medication or other exposure to drugs or toxins since the first time they did the Purif. It is not that all pre-OT’s should redo the Purif, just individual cases due to their unique needs.

Ronit and Vika redid the Purif Rundown with great wins, which they were happy to share with us:

Vika Voland

“It’s amazing to do this process again. The Purif Rundown increased my awareness. I have better sensory perceptions, I am more in present time and more in control of all areas of my life. Thanks to Ron Hubbard for this special Rundown and to all Dror’s staff.”

Ronit Schaul

“I came to this process with much more awareness and maturity than before. I was aware of the smallest changes and somatics that had occurred in me.

“It is amazing to see how much drugs, toxins and radiation continue to have an effect on you, even when you are on the OT Levels and you are in good state. One of my wins from the Purif RD is that I have more ability and I more stable. Further, I can see things from a Pan-determined viewpoint.”

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