Yulia Englin is finally an OT!

Yulia Englin

Yulia Englin started studying Scientology at Dror Center in 1996. After completing her introductory services, Yulia decided to advance on the Bridge at the Tel Aviv Org with a goal to become a professional auditor.

After several years as a public at the TAV Org, Yulia joined staff in 2010. In order to move faster on her training, she twice went to Flag. In 2013, she completed the Metering Course and her training as a professional Word Clearer. Yulia returned to the TAV Org and took her post as the academy Word Clearer.

When joining staff, Yulia was promised that at the Tel Aviv Ideal Org she will earn a decent salary and will be able to continue to go up both sides of the Bridge, as an auditor and to do her OT Levels. Yulia, and all staff, were told that the Universe Corps would soon come to the TAV Org and all will be able to receive the OT Levels at the Org. But, as we know, this never happened.

When all promises proved false and Yulia realized she would never train as an auditor or make it to OT at the TAV Org, she decided to leave the Church in 2015. Yulia soon returned with her husband Gershon and son Lari, who left the Sea Org, to Dror Center.

Since returning to Dror, Yulia has been advancing rapidly on both sides of the Bridge. Yulia trained as a Life Repair Auditor and is now auditing her preclears. In May 2018, Yulia attested to the State of Clear and recently, in August 2019, she completed OT2.

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  1. Our friend Tasha sent us this comment:

    Wonderful what you are doing! Congratulations to Yulia and Dror!

    Much love, Tasha

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