TIR vs. LifePower: A not unbiased Comparison by Dani Lemberger

Dani Lemberger

Dear friends,
In May 2018, that’s 16 months ago, I recorded a talk in which I discuss Frank A. Gerbode’s book, “Beyond Psychology, an Introduction to Metapsychology”, and the technique he developed, TIR, Traumatic Incident Reduction. Although I admit I never read Gerbode’s book, I dared to compare it to the book I wrote, LifePower.

After recording this talk, I realized there were some steps missing before it would be worthy of publication. First, I should explain the LifePower project itself and what led me to write the book (which I did in my talk of June 2019). Then, the LP project needs to develop to a point that it has sufficient substance, and some success, that one can boast about.

I feel we have now reached this point, with the LP book printed in five languages. The German just came in, following English, Russian, Hebrew and Latvian. We have two other titles, “The Complete Communication Manual” and “The Story of C and I, Theory and Practice of Control and Intention”. We have LP websites in these languages (under construction, not very impressive yet), hundreds of books have been sold and several LP Centers operating with more opening shortly.

Each book has a course checksheet, hundreds have done these courses with very good results and many are now going up the Bridge. There is finally no doubt, in my mind, that LifePower does indeed provide a firm, wide, bridge to Hubbard’s Bridge!

Please find below a link to the video of May 2018, comparing Gerbode’s TIR with LP. It is recommended to use the English subtitles. My talk posted on June 9, 2019, presenting myself and LifePower, can be viewed here.

Kindly forgive what may seem as lack of humility, when I discuss Frank Gerbode, M.D. and his valuable work; that’s just typical Israeli audacity. I will be happy to hear from you with your comments and thoughts. Thank you for watching, Dani

5 thoughts on “TIR vs. LifePower: A not unbiased Comparison by Dani Lemberger”

  1. Very interesting history about this guy and how he wrote his TIR Book. Like you said, people feels helped and that is a bonus these days where many other promised activities do to provide real relief to people.
    This video makes it clear what is the difference between TIR and Life Power.

    I personally would not judge the effectiveness of TIR as I have not read the book.

    There is another Book titled On Becoming a Person by Carl Roger that will benefit any practitioner that uses therapies to help individuals. It does complement and, even may improve, what a therapist like us, or TIR, or others do.

    Thank you for the video Dani, fantastic!

  2. Dear Dani,
    I am very happy with your video and your explanations.
    I still call it scientology because thats what ron put their. I mention always that I quit with the church.
    Further I use the standard LRH tech and we have fun
    ml, adriaan

  3. Thank you for this talk.

    Having had many many hours of auditing I agree with Dani, you must recognize that you are first and foremost a spirit and secondly that the real answers ( relief ) exist in incidents that are far away and long forgotten.

    We live this life for sure, but we did a lot of living before we ever arrived here and we brought it all with us.

    Big supporter of Dror !

  4. Interesting video.
    So does that mean the current version of the book ‘Beyond Psychology’ by Gerbode is still the version approved by the church of scientology in the year 80’s (approved by Miscavige, Rinder) ? Any data on this ?

    Thank you Dani to talk about the spirit.

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