Nir Lahav Zooms to OT!

Nir Lahav

Nir Lahav has featured several times on our website. This, because he is totally determined to move rapidly up the Bridge to full OT.

Nir received his invitation to start the OT levels in October 2018, and decided to reach his goal fast. He stuck to his plan by going into session intensively and this definitely advanced him toward his purpose with incredible results.

In July 2019, Nir completed the Solo NOT’s Auditor Course. Now, just two months later, he attested to completion of Solo NED for OT’s. Not wasting a moment, Nir is already on the next level, Excalibur!

The following Ron Hubbard quote, which appears in an article by Aviv Bershadsky about the State of OT, definitely describes Nir’s ability to achieve his goal.

Ron says: “Thus, there is a gradient scale of OT. It’s not an absolute. One is as OT as he can cause things. One of the things to cause is target attainment. When somebody can push through a target to completion, he’s to that degree OT.” (from: HCO Policy Letter “OT Orgs” of 14 January 1969.)

9 thoughts on “Nir Lahav Zooms to OT!”

  1. Very, very well done Nir. And on to Excal. You will absolutely love this level. It is so wonderful to hear news from others on the CBR Bridge. We are here in Vancouver, Canada and wish you all the best.

    1. Thank you Kathy
      However i have to say that the term CBR Bridge is misleading (Even CBR did not call it that way).There is only one Correct Bridge and its not LRH or CBRs its The Bridge.ARC, Nir

  2. What a handsome OT!! Teehee, I could not help myself!

    Amazing progress!! Job well done!! Definitely an inspirational example you have set. Keep going and keep all of us updated on your successes!!

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