Yulia Engelin Completes yet another OT Level!

We are excited to share with you great news!
Yulia Engelin has just completed the OT Drug Rundown. Yulia has been moving up the OT Levels at Dror Center steadily and with great wins. She began her Scientology adventure at Dror Center twenty years ago, then joined staff at Tel Aviv Org and about three years ago came back home.

Dima Dubinin

After completing OT 1 to OT 3 in Solo, Yulia received the OT Drug Rundown from our Advanced Org Auditor, Dima Dubinin. This Rundown handles, from an OT viewpoint, the negative effects a person may be suffering from due to taking alcohol, drugs or medicine.

Please watch Yulia’s success story below.

Enjoy the video!
Best regards, Eitan

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