We Shall Train You!

Since its establishment in 1992, Dror Center’s main goal was to train auditors – if we are ever going to ‘Clear the Planet’ or at least have an impact and help the millions across the world, we must train thousands of auditors!

Unfortunately, this goal was unattainable while Dror was operating under the management of the Church of Scientology. The Church management’s restraining and suppression regarding training of new auditors was the main reason for leaving it in 2012. After gaining independence, the main challenge of Dror’s Tech Team was to guarantee that all of Ron Hubbard’s materials including the OT Levels, L Rundowns, and the entire Bridge, are available for all at Dror.

Then, in 2016, Dror Center embarked on the next huge project – the LifePower Library, Courses and Network. The author of the LifePower books is Dani Lemberger who describes it in a recorded lecture. The major book written by Dani is LifePower: Achieving Power in All Realms of Life. This book has been translated to Hebrew, Russian, French, Latvian, German, and Spanish. Since its publication in 2017, three more books have been presented: The Complete Communication Manual, The Story of C & I – Theory and Practice of Control and Intention, Study Essentials, and the fifth, now with the printers, Your mind’s Efficiency.

The LifePower Courses have brought an explosive expansion in the number of students studying at the Dror Academy and training to become auditors. Please see our post of last week.

Many of Dror’s public choose to study the LifePower book as part of the ‘LifePower Coach’ course. The course trains the student as a Book Auditor, who can deliver Recall Processes (based on the book ‘Self Analysis’) and Clearing Process (according to Book One – ‘Dianetics – The Modern Science of Mental Health’).

The experience gained by the students while giving these processes, provides them with a solid reality about the Bridge. This further motivates them to progress on it rapidly. This  clearly shows in the amount of course graduates who make the decision to keep advancing up the Bridge with training and auditing.

Today, we are immensely proud to present several of our students’ success stories.

Yaniv Berliner:

Yaniv Berliner

“Even though I have been on Dror’s lines for a long time, and I am familiar with the information in the LifePower book from Ron Hubbard’s books and courses I studied in the past, I have gained new tools for dealing with life and have reached a better understanding of the information. The LifePower book is written very clearly and in a way that is ideal for new public.

The LifePower Coach Course is made up of theory first, followed by practice. During the latter I had to sit in the auditor’s chair. It was certainly challenging.

It is interesting to see my pre-clears’ reactions to the processes, it puts me in a position of cause. It makes me apply the theory and see the mind in action. It provides me with mass of the theory”

Idan Avni:

Idan Avni

“It was one of the best courses I did. I learned about the reactive mind and all the things it can cause when it goes into action. When giving sessions I could see the pre-clear’s progress, how he feels better and better with each session. It gave me so much satisfaction.”

Yulia Engelin

Yulia Engelin

 “On the LifePower Coach Course, I learned anew the basics of the reactive mind: its anatomy and how it works. The material is easy to follow and to understand. The processes presented in the book are very powerful. They work and they give results! My pre-clear was incredibly happy, had new cognitions and was released from hardships.

“I am planning on finding more preclears to give them these processes. I feel great satisfaction and joy when I see my pre-clears achieving new understandings, cognitions, and release from negative charge.”

Yariv Marmor

Yariv Marmor

“It is a fulfilling course that makes the fundamentals of the spiritual path accessible.

“I loved the way it is written and how easy it is to see the implication of any datum.

“The part of the course of giving processes is surprisingly easy after practicing the drills and TRs. It is wonderful to see PC’s evolution through the session. To see first-hand that the procedures work. Have confidence in the way freedom is accessible.”

Yafa Maman

Yafa Maman

“During the last two weeks I am on a ‘high’. All the decisions I make, are happening. I started giving LifePower Processes to three pre-clears; it is amazing to take responsibility for other people and help them.

“I realized that the most important thing in life is the ability to confront. If you confront something, you can handle it whatever it is. I am not afraid to do things that I wish to do. I have a lot of energy.

“I wish to improve the lives of many more people with LifePower processes and even become a professional LP Coach.

“I am thankful to Tami who is constantly helping me with this important activity and grateful to Ron Hubbard for this amazing technology.”

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