LifePower Evolution, 2016-2020

Four years ago, Dani Lemberger embarked on a major dissemination campaign called LifePower.
This project was created with the purpose to disseminate Ron Hubbard’s philosophy to the broad public.

The LifePower books and courses have brought a steady rise in Dror Center’s statistics of people receiving auditing and students training at Dror’s Academy. At the end of 2020, despite the challenges we experienced with the Corona crisis, Dror enjoyed a record number of active publics.

On January 29, 2021, we posted the first section of an interview with Dani Lemberger, conducted by Aviv Bershadsky, where Dani displays Dror’s statistics of active public on training and auditing during 2020.

Today, we are happy to share with you the second section of Dani’s interview. Here, Dani describes what led him to write the LifePower books following Dror’s departure from the Church of Scientology in 2012. In addition, Dani introduces the four LifePower books, including the latest release: Study Essentials.

For more data about Dani Lemberger’s background and his motivation to create the LifePower network, please see this post. 

Section Two is 15 minutes long. For your convenience, we have added English subtitles. Enjoy!

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