New LifePower Coach: Yafa Maman

Yafa Maman has been receiving auditing from Tami Lemberger, at Dror Center, since 1999. Several months ago, while running the Clearing Process, Yafa overcame the heavy loss of her brother who was killed in the 1973 war between Israel and Egypt. Yafa told us that she was not aware, until her auditing, how much this incident made a huge impact on her life. She experienced great relief when this was finally handled in session.

Yafa gave us a brief interview after she overcame that loss, sharing with us her touching story. We invite you to watch this interview to which we have added English subtitles. 

Following her wins in auditing, Yafa decided to help other people with Hubbard’s Technology. She began training as a LifePower Coach in Dror’s Academy. While on course, Yafa is already delivering the LifePower Processes with great success to friends and relatives. She is now working as a LifePower Coach at her home in Lehavim, near Beer Sheva in South Israel.

Yafa recently shared with us her wins as a LifePower Coach:

“During the last two weeks I am on a ‘high’. All the decisions I make, are happening. I started giving LifePower Processes to three pre-clears; it is amazing to take responsibility for other people and help them.

“I realized that the most important thing in life is the ability to confront. If you confront something, you can handle it whatever it is. I am not afraid to do things that I wish to do. I have a lot of energy.

“I wish to improve the lives of many more people with LifePower processes and even become a professional LP Coach.

“I am thankful to Tami who is constantly helping me with this important activity and grateful to Ron Hubbard for this amazing technology.”

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  1. My dearest Yaffa – you are so brave! It is highly commendable that you now rolled your sleeves and you are now helping others with this incredible Technology of LRH!!

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