Yariv Marmor – Our New LifePower Coach

Dror Center’s top mission, since its founding in 1992 (Yes! 28 years ago), has been the training of auditors. A major reason for Dror’s departure from the Church in 2012, was the stops the Church placed on training of auditors and its suppression of auditors.

Since leaving, Dror has expanded its Academy to three full-time Course Supervisors and over 50 students on training each month. In 2017, the LifePower project was launched with an aim to facilitate auditor training and rapid progress up the Bridge of new public.

This has proven a great success, demonstrated by our latest auditor course completion, Yariv Marmor. Yariv first came to Dror in 1999, after attending a Dianetics seminar. He continued with introductory services and training as a Book One Auditor.

Following the wins he achieved with Hubbard’s Technology, Yariv decided to continue going up the Bridge. However, he soon realized that he does not wish to be part of the Church of Scientology and stopped his progress on the Bridge, focusing on his career.

From 2003 until 2010, Yariv studied at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, graduating with a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Engineering. During three years, 2010-2013, Yariv continued with Post-Doctorate studies at the Mayo Clinics, Rochester, Minnesota, specializing in Healthcare Delivery. Upon his return to Israel in 2013, Yariv joined the faculty at ORT Braude College of Engineering, where he is the Head of Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

In 2019, when Yariv heard that Dror Center is delivering the entire Bridge independently, he came back on lines. Since then, he is making rapid progress on both sides of the Bridge towards his goal of achieving the State of Clear.

On February 11th, 2020, Yariv completed the Life Repair Program. He continued with Objective Processes and recently, on August 2020, Yariv completed the Drug Rundown with his auditor, Carmela Weizman.

Yariv is aiming to be an auditor, attending Dror’s Academy every week. On October 27th, 2020, Yariv completed his training as a LifePower Coach, after delivering the LifePower processes with great results on his preclears. Prior to this course, he completed the three preparatory courses:

1. The Effective Communication Course: TR’s 0 to 4.

2. Study Essentials Course: Learning the vital points a person needs to know regarding Hubbard’s Study Tech.

3. Positive Control & Intension Course: Upper Indoc TR’s 6 to 9. 

Each of these courses is based on the eponymous books in the LifePower series. The author, Dani Lemberger, wrote the books with a purpose to make Ron Hubbard’s philosophy easily accessible to the broad public.

Here is Yariv’s success story after completing the LP Coach Course:

“It is a fulfilling course that makes the fundamentals of the spiritual path accessible.

“I loved the way it is written and how easy it is to see the implication of any datum.

“The part of the course of giving processes is surprisingly easy after practicing the drills and TRs. It is wonderful to see PC’s evolution through the session. To see first-hand that the procedures work. Have confidence in the way freedom is accessible.”

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  1. Great, Yariv!!!
    You are playing both sides of the Bridge – getting the knowledge and application of Training, while continuing with your auditing to Clear and OT ! Excellent!
    Lots if love,

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