Yariv Marmor, Back at Dror

Yariv Marmor

Yariv Marmor has a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and Management, focusing on the operation of healthcare systems. He is currently a professor and Head of Department at ORT Braude College in Karmiel, Israel.
In 1999, after attending a Dianetics seminar, Yariv began studying Scientology at Dror Center, starting with introductory services and training as a Book One Auditor.

The wins Yariv achieved using Hubbard’s Technology brought him to the initial decision to continue going up the Bridge at Dror Center. However, Yariv soon realized that he does not wish to be part of the Church of Scientology. In 2003, Yariv stopped his progress on the Bridge and decided to focus on his professional life.

Yariv was pleased to hear that Dror Center left the Church in 2012. Following his return to Israel from the U.S. in 2019, and receiving a newsletter from Dror Center, Yariv decided to come back on lines.
Yariv is now making rapid progress on both sides of the Bridge.
On 11 February 2020, Yariv completed his first step: the Life Repair Program. Yariv shared with us his wins:

“My life changed as a result of this process. I felt that physical and mental charge has been released. I can handle situations in my life and I can now confront things that I avoided in the past. People who seemed threatening before, now seem kind and friendly. I am higher on the Tone Scale and I feel more at cause.”

In-between sessions, Yariv is studying the LifePower Coach Course in Dror’s academy. This is proving to be invaluable to his progress in auditing as well as to his personal life. Yariv shared with us his wins from this course:

“This course is very easy to understand and apply. I recently studied the chapter on the Ladder of Accomplishment, this data is helping me a lot in my job as a manager. I am applying it and the results are remarkable”.

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