Galit Completes the OT Drug Rundown

Galit Latinski

Galit Latinski is a kindergarten manager. She takes care of 35-40 spirits in young bodies for the last 26 years.

Galit began studying Ron Hubbard’s Technology in 2000 at Dror Center. Since that time, she implements LRH Tech in her work which makes a big difference.

Galit is using Locational Assist and Communication Drills with the children, to name a few. Her knowledge of the ARC Triangle and her ability to put good control on the children create good atmosphere in the kindergarten and the children feel happy and excited.

In 2012, along with her friends at the Dror Center whom she highly trusts, Galit decided to leave the Church.

After leaving the Church, Galit continued her progress on both sides of the Bridge. In 2013, Galit attested to the State of Clear and soon began her journey up the OT Levels. Besides her progress on the auditing side of the Bridge, Galit continued her training in Dror’s Academy. In May 2105, Galit completed her Level 0 Auditor Course.

Recently, in October 2020, Galit completed the OT Drug Rundown with great wins. Here is Galit’s Success Story after completing the OT Drug Rundown:

“I completed another step towards the Total Spiritual Freedom. Each time after completing a certain process, I became more and more myself. I know what is good for me and what I need.

“It is much easier for me to be with other people, to grant them beingness, to communicate with them and make a good influence. I feel calm, despite the turbulences of the outside world.

“Thanks to my auditor Dima Dubinin and to all who supported and helped me along the way.

“Much Love, Galit”

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