Aviv Presents the ‘Between-Lives Data Course’

A few weeks ago, we published Aviv Bershadsky’s success story from the completion of Advanced Level Original OT IV. In the video of completing OT IV, Aviv mentions briefly the Between-Lives Data Course that was created and is being delivered at Dror Center.

Following this, we received many questions from our readers, showing high interest in this course. Today we present a new video in which Aviv goes over this course in detail. Enjoy the video.

7 thoughts on “Aviv Presents the ‘Between-Lives Data Course’”

  1. Thank you Aviv for the presentation of this course. Great, I will do it as soon as I can. I suppose the course has got the exact references from what LRH lectures the different quotes are taken, doesn’t it ? I am so excited you and Dror are offering such wonderful tools based on LRH researches. Yes, I would be happy if I could provide help to my family and friends (who are not having these datas) and to see how communicating to them in a simple way without getting too unreal for them as I wish to have them in good shape next life.

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