Freedom From Ever Being Trapped Again

Dear Friends,
This is Eitan Baitner, Dror Friend’s site Administrator.

I am happy to announce that Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s AO auditor and C/S, has recently completed the Original OT 4. We covered the subject of the Original OT Levels in full in this article, written by Aviv himself.

Aviv decided to practice what he preaches and, with the great help of Dror’s Senior C/S Tami Lemberger, got through this amazing level.

This is a very special level on the Bridge as it gives the person an ability not to be entrapped again. To quote it from the Advance! Magazine No. 19, 1973:

“On the solo audited section, you are proofed up as a being to be free from any possibility of ever being trapped again by those things which made you un-Clear and less than a self-determined being.”

Without further ado, I will let Aviv share with you the wins he had from the Original OT IV, which we recorded in the following video.

Enjoy watching!

Best regards, Eitan

15 thoughts on “Freedom From Ever Being Trapped Again”

  1. Well Done Avivi!
    Your wins and gains are inspiring.
    Your dedication to helping others go the route to spiritual freedom is impressive.
    Your contribution to our group is unparalleled.
    Thanks, Dani

  2. Great stuff, spiritual freedom, knowing what not do do when one changes body… Wow. What’s the Between Life Data Course? Confidential ? I want to do it…

    1. Thank you Mary! Between-Lives Data Course is compiled by us for Clears and above. It contains every LRH reference we could find when he describes what happens in this area. An essential course for every being.

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