LifePower Event in Berlin – Questions and Answers

Dear friends,
This is Eitan Baitner, Dror Friend’s site Administrator.

The LifePower project that Dani Lemberger and his partners have been working on in the last three years, produces good results in disseminating Ron Hubbard’s philosophy to the broad public.

Recently, our friend and LifePower Coach, Josef Therling, has finished the translation of three LifePower project books written by Dani into German. To celebrate this occasion, he organized an event held in Berlin, Germany on 1st of August.

Dani and his wife, Tami Lemberger, have participated in this wonderful event, in which Dani presented the basic principles described in the LifePower book. The guests expressed high enthusiasm and asked many questions.

Today we present the last part of the event, in which Dani answers the questions from the audience. I hope you enjoy watching it.
Best Regards, Eitan

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