LifePower Event in Berlin

Dear friends,
On 1 August 2020, Dani and Tami Lemberger were in Berlin, Germany, to introduce the LifePower books that are now available in German. At the event, attended by 50 guests, Dani described the fundamentals of LifePower and introduced the five books he wrote:

The LifePower book;
The Complete Communication Manual;
The Story of C and I, Theory and Practice of Control and Intention;
Study Essentials;
Your Guide to Clearing.

Three of the books, LifePower, CCM and Study Essentials, have been translated into German by the LifePower Coach in Berlin, Josef Therling. Josef also organized our successful event.

Josef first came to Dror Center in 2014 to receive auditing. He has since been visiting Dror steadily. In September 2019, Josef came again to Dror’s Academy to train as a LifePower Coach, in order to open the LifePower center in Berlin.

We invite you to watch Dani’s talk. We hope you enjoy watching it.

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