New Era Dianetics for OT’s –
Fully Explained

Hello, my dear friend! Here is Aviv Bershadsky, OT Levels Auditor and C/S at Dror Center.

About two years ago, I completed my Solo NOT’s auditing and I am currently receiving the L 10 Rundown from our Senior C/S, Tami Lemberger. Doing this Rundown really put me into the future regarding my Bridge progress.

Recently, I got hold of almost all issues of Advance! magazine. Advance! mag is the official publication of the Advance Organizations of the Church of Scientology which promotes their services to the public.

My first impression – I was amazed by the pure theta of the early issues. They smelled of freedom and it seemed like they came straight from Uptone Land! The issues featured genuine spiritual experiences of Scientologists, poetry written by people attesting to Clear and OT Levels, success stories and letters to the editor.  Every issue had an LRH article and many more fun-to-read stories. And when you leaf through these mags, you will often meet one of Ron’s kids, especially Diana Hubbard.

Some issues even contain reviews of spiritual books written by other authors, not LRH. I’m sure many of you remember this classic by Richard Bach:

These early issues were light and never too SERIOUS! For example, take a look at this cute graphic from Advance! issue No. 52, published by AOEU, Copenhagen, in 1978:

In issue No. 8 from AOLA of 1970, you will find, A Short History of the Advanced Organizations: 

As we can see in the above article, the Advanced Orgs were established in three locations around the world so as to deliver the OT Levels developed by Ron in the years 1965-1969, to the public who live in the area under the AO’s responsibility.

By the way, issue No. 39 of AOEU, 1976, invited the public to enroll on the OT Levels C/S Course, to give a hand to the Sea Org C/S’s:

The magazines featured many “OT Phenomena” stories. One of them I feel compelled to share:

(From: Advance! No. AOEU, 1973)

Issue No. 15 of AOUK, 1972, gives the exact End Phenomena of the OT Levels, stating that OT VIII is yet to be released:

The exact Bridge as shown above, appeared throughout the Advance! mags of the years 1968-1978 in different forms. Usually, it was something like this from No. 16, AOLA, 1972:

But sometimes, the editor was creative, like in issue No. 39 AOEU, 1976:

Also featured in the mag, were great success stories from these levels throughout the years. Here is an example from issue No. 19, AOEU, 1973 which shows additional descriptions of each OT Level along with success stories by those doing it:

The Bridge as shown in the examples above existed without change from 1968 until December 1978. Then, in Ron’s Journal 30, published on 17 December, 1978, Ron announces the release of a spectacular new rundown, New Era Dianetics for OT’s, also NED for OT’s or NOT’s. This was later announced in Advance! No. 55:

NED for OT’s (NOT’s) was placed on the Bridge after OT III Expanded and before OT IV, as shown in this description taken from issue No. 60, AOEU, 1979:

Please note that in the chart above, NED for OTs was placed between the completion of OT III Expanded and OT IV. But if you read the small print, it says, “The spectacular OT rundown. Delivered between OT III and OT VIII. Prerequisite to OT VIII.”

NOT’s was released as an additional rundown, without giving it a separate number of an OT Level. Meaning, Ron developed NOT’s as a rundown to handle a specific case aspect without replacing any of the existing OT Levels!!!

Two years later, in 1980, two additional rundowns were added to the Bridge: OT Drug Rundown and NED for OT’s Drug Rundown. They were promoted to the public in issue No. 67, 1980:

So far so good. In 1980, the AOs delivered all the OT Levels – OT I to OT VII and they also expanded their services to include these three new Rundowns: NED for OT’s, OT Drug RD and NED for OT’s Drug RD.

In the next issue of Advance! No. 68, 1981, yet another version of the Bridge is introduced:

Take a look at the top of the chart: you can see here a new level is introduced, Solo NED for OT’s. Please note, Solo NOT’s, not Audited NOT’s. This new level comes right after Audited NOT’s.

Until 1981, NOT’s Rundown was delivered by AO auditors in all AO’s. Apparently, it was established that people took too long on Audited NOT’s at great cost and time away from home. Apparently, it was decided to assist people, perhaps financially, by allowing them to do the major chunk of the NOT’s Rundown in Solo auditing at home. Thus, NOT’s was divided into two parts: Audited NOT’s and Solo NOT’s.

I personally completed Solo NOT’s about two years ago and I deliver this level to many of Dror’s Pre-OT’s. Solo NOT’s is a fantastic Rundown. It really makes you, as a Solo auditor, cause over your case and life. It is truly wonderful! I, personally, love it to bits. But…

Remember Ron’s warning in HCOB 19 May 1960, “How Help Became Betrayal”? Boy, did this help (Solo NOT’s) eventually become a betrayal! You see, on the above Bridge, right besides “Solo NED for OTs” there are two words written in parenthesis: “(Flag only)”

And this is where the HOAX creeps in. Slowly. Sneakily. Just the two words, “Flag only”.

Prior to this Advance! mag No. 68 of 1981, there was never any mention of Flag in the Advance! magazines. These were magazines which promoted the AO’s only. Flag has its own magazine, Source.

Following this mag, No. 68, there was again no mention of Flag in the next issues, No.’s 69-73. Issue No. 72, AOEU, 1981, even had this very important datum:

Then, in 1982, comes a turning point. It is clearly seen by comparing two issues, No. 73 with No. 74. Advance! No. 73 features the same OT Levels that readers got accustomed to over 14 years, from 1968 to 1982, just with the addition of NED for OTs after OT III, before OT VII and OT III Expanded. See here:

And here comes the Advance! issue that will change the OT Levels in the Church forever. It appeared later in 1982, and its number is 74:

On the second page of this chart we can see that some “NEW” OT Levels appear: OT Drug RD is now renamed ‘NEW OT IV’, Audited

NED for OT’s is now ‘NEW OT V’, Solo NOT’s Auditor Course is now ‘NEW OT VI’ and Solo NOT’s has become ‘NEW OT VII’.

Further, Step 8 on the second page above says, “8. Go to Flag – you’re ready to begin New OT VI – Solo NOT’s Auditor Course – delivered only at Flag.”

Looking at the above, there are four points to consider:

1. Where did OT levels, OT IV to OT VII, delivered between 1968 to 1980, go to? Ron’s true OT Levels, OT IV to OT VII (which we now call “The Original OT Levels”), were removed from the Grade Chart, just vanished forever.

Instead, we now have in the Church “new” OT levels IV to VII which are actually OT Drug RD, renamed New OT IV, and the NED for OT Rundown, broken down into three parts, New OT V to New OT VII. The perfect deception, concealing the real thing and giving a substitute!

2. Beginning with this issue of Advance!, No. 74 of 1982, AO’s can only deliver the Bridge up to Audited NOTs. That’s it! No longer the entire Bridge as the AO’s were originally designed by Ron to deliver. As of 1982, the AO’s have to route their Audited NOT’s completions to Flag for Solo NOT’s Auditor Course.

And this great help of dividing NOT’s into two parts, Audited and Solo, eventually became a great act of betrayal, just like Ron warned us in HCOB 19 May 1960. How?

A. First of all, now you need to fly to Flag, usually in another state or continent from where you live.

B. You are obliged to stay at expensive Flag hotels.

C. When coming to Flag, they usually tell you the Audited NOT’s done in the AO, was incomplete or left ‘unflat.’ This creates double standards, an invalidation of the AO’s and your wins from the auditing you received. So Flag makes you do Audited NOTs again, at huge costs.

D. You need to do a new Eligibility when arriving at Flag, composed of approximately 70 questions which may require several intensives at $7,200 per intensive (2012). This Elig or a shorter version, has to be repeated every six months.

E. To top it off, you are expected to become an IAS Patron to get onto Solo NOTs, which stands at $50,000 as far as I can remember.

F. And if you are lucky enough to get on the level, you are obliged to come twice a year, pay for the airplane ticket, hotel, another Elig check, several intensives worth and so on and so on. I know people who were on Solo NOTs 7-10-14 years finishing it with enormous debts to pay off. And what is the prize for all this great effort? They are sent to Freewinds to receive a fake NEW OT 8!

3. NOT’s, like all levels of the Bridge, but much more so, has to be done without interruptions. When you start on the NOT’s case, it goes into restimulation and must be handled intensively. A delay or significant time lag, may cause the person great distress. We have seen many pre-OT’s after Audited NOT’s, done at an AO, who could not go to Flag for Solo NOT’s and they were in miserable shape!

4. And a “minor” point. On the first page of the chart, NEW OT VIII to OT XI are introduced. It says “Ron has announced” and that they are “Flag only, not released”. Here we are, in 2019, 37 years later, and still no release!

Based on much evidence, which we will not elaborate here, Ron went off management lines at the end of 1979. He dedicated himself to writing, to research and had some legal matters to handle. Ron trusted top Church management and turned daily affairs over to them. Quickly, a young man, David Miscavige, seized control. I have no doubt that these changes to the Bridge were introduced by David Miscavige, without Ron’s knowledge, so as to centralize authority, tighten control of the public and increase top management income.  

Enough with the bad news! Dror’s Tech team has invested much time and effort, since leaving the Church in 2012, to acquire all LRH original materials and train on standard delivery of all OT Levels. The good news is that the specialized training focused on delivering of the “original” OT Levels IV to VII is now complete. Dror’s AO is ready to deliver these wonderful levels as originally envisioned by LRH!

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your questions and comments below.

Wishing you wins and successes, Aviv

13 thoughts on “New Era Dianetics for OT’s – </br>Fully Explained”

  1. Holy Smokes! What a great article, thanks so much for publishing this article!

    I see what you mean by how uptone the scene was back in the day. It must have been quite a time for those lucky beings who were there. Sadly, this is definitely not the scene in the militaristic Orgs. today.

    I think Scientology is really still in its infancy however. The game is long and we suffer through our growing pains. We shall see a golden age once again up the track I am certain …??‍♂️

    1. Thanks, Kevin!

      I think the renaissance of Scientology is happening right now. Together we can make it happen faster.



    1. Thanks, Hania!

      It was a pleasure having you here at Dror for the last few days. Thank you for your support and for sending the members of your group to do OT Levels at Dror Center.

      See you soon!



  2. Aviv, fascinating article and the track, as given by the magazines, provided evidence of the changes that occurred.

    But what made me feel good was the news that Dror now has the original OT Levels and that these are being delivered at the Center.

    Congratulations and I hope many would avail themselves of the original tech.

    1. Hi Silvia!

      Thank you very much!

      You helped us tremendously in the beginning of our OT Levels’ journey by training us through NOTs Auditor, Solo NOTs Supervisor and Solo NOTs C/S courses!

      Thanks for everything!

      Much Love,


    2. Aviv what an amazing mail .it gives the right dimension about Scientology and take the truth out .the church leaders kill Scientology
      And instead of delivering the original program of L.r.h bridge they published Fake program And it seems that it’s all about money.
      Thank you so much Aviv
      For creating this wonderful article and taking the real
      Bridge out and putting the facts On the table

      1. Hi Cfir!

        Thank you very much for your reply and for your support to Dror. Yes, we are lucky to have all the LRH Tech up to the top of the Bridge. It does wonders for so many people. It should be used all the time without being deleted or abridged.



  3. Nice Article! You are right about how Scientology has changed in a few decades or mere years. The magic has left since dm has got in charge.

    Now that I am out and doing Ron’s Org Ot levels and am also now a trained L’s Auditor, and upper level c/s. It was the best decision of my life to leave the cos.

  4. Thanks Aviv,
    Nice Theta article and forward it to some of my friends,continue to good work.
    ml,adriaan witte

  5. I was at AOSH UK around 1982 and was doing some student NOTS. We had loads of people having great gains, including old timers, the atmosphere was very good and then something odd happened. If one was there (and Clear or OT) one could pick up on some very weird things happening in the Theta World. We witnessed UFO activity and thousands of discarnate beings attracted to the Free-Theta that was flowing at that time. The action of those going OT itself had a beneficial effect on the discarnate beings. Maybe something universal that had been locked solid was freed up a little. I attested to Cleared Theta Clear and was in theta communication from time-to-time with other exterior OT’s. We were told by the higher being, that operated Hubbard, telepathically to leave the church behind and operate in the real world to help mankind from sinking downwards again. We were told that only a few thousand OT’s would be necessary to cause an exponential release-effect on the rest of the planet. The being known as ‘Ron’ communicated to us in mid 1983 that he had decided to prepare to drop the body and operate completely exterior. He communicated to several of us (maybe more) that the church was going to be taken over by the Black Scientology beings and used for implanting people again. He wanted us free of the organisation in order to be free to eventually undo any new ‘implanting’ with the simplest of existing LRH auditor technology. He told us that this planet and sector of the galaxy would never fully be free from the ‘bad guys’ until others became bigger players in the game and more aware of what has been going on behind the scenes for mankind. The Non-interference Zone law had been violated by outside forces. Mankind had almost destroyed the planet with the nuclear explosions and that had attracted the attention of off-world beings whose own wellbeing was threatened by the bombs. Ron told us that he was going to report back to Central Galaxy to confer with the Grand Council (near Orion) about the interference and return with assistance. I know that will all sound like madness or fantasy to non-scientologists. Ron said that the body known as LRH was (then) just a useless shell and operated by a lower-class entity. He told us to “watch the fort” for him until he returned with his new authorisation from the Galactic Council to complete the mission of rehabilitating and clearing this sector of the evil that had marred the last many thousands of years. He had previously revealed to us who he was. He arrived here 25,000 years ago with a large team as Leader of the ‘Fifth Invader Force’ (Actually 5.5) in Northern India and he had been searching for and gathering his scattered team ever since after they were attacked by the earlier hidden invader forces. Many of them were salvaged by contact with scientology and recovered from the deliberate electronic amnesia. Captain Bill Robertson told me he was also one of that team sent here to help humans climb up the life spiral again. (I am not one of those personally). You see it is sort of like ‘The Matrix’ Films for want of an analogy. We all fell into a slow amnesia as to who we are and what we were here for. There was a very large galactic game in play here and we all succumbed to it because of our growing obsession with carbon-oxygen corporeal bodies and sex. We committed ‘overts’ (sins) against bodies and so Karma (cause& effect) took its toll. All we need to do is wake up out of the limitations and recall that we are free beings all linked to each other as The Children of the Divine Creator. Hubbard was exterior much of the time from summer 1983 onwards. He would visit us in spirit-form at Saint Hill and many times communicate to anyone open to listening. The Technology is purely a set of tools to be used as necessary to fix things. In itself the organisation body can be an encumbrance to OT’s. Remember that before 1982 there were more than 27,000 Clears and OT’s. Many of them are no longer with the HASI. Those that remain attached to the enslaved organisation are generally not exercising their native state responsibilities with the unfounded fear that they have lived with for far too long. They failed to make gains whilst being too engrossed with bodies and ego. They are still hoping for someone to set them free from their own chains when they have had the key all along.

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