Kostas’s No. 3:
Church vs. Dror Center

Today we publish a third post featuring Kostas Pappas who comes to Dror Center from Athens, Greece.

On 30 September, we published an interview with Kostas about The Communication Course and how it relates to his life and business. Earlier, on 16 Sept, we presented Kostas who first came to Dror about six months ago to continue his voyage up Ron Hubbard’s Route to Spiritual Freedom.

Kostas operates a thriving business in Athens, selling medical equipment that helps people with certain bodily pains and deficiencies. With the skills he has acquired, based on Hubbard’s Technology and gains from auditing, Kostas has boomed his business.

In an interview with Aviv Bershadsky on his latest visit at Dror, Kostas talks to us about his Scientology journey. He started years ago at the Athens Org and enjoyed great wins from the Tech, but several months ago realized he could not achieve his goals of higher abilities and spiritual freedom there. His search soon led him to Dror Center where he is continuing his adventure. Kostas tells us why he decided to do his Bridge at Dror and how Dror is different from the Church’s org.

This video is fascinating as it makes the stark distinction between Ron’s Tech and the Church. It is further proof that the Tech we have produces miracles, when applied accurately and with care. It is 14 minutes-long; for ease of comprehension, we’ve added subtitles.

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  1. Great to know there is a place that delivers Scientology standard technology. Posted to facebook

    Gives hope.

    Thank you
    Ali Shaw

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