Yulia Does It – On Solo NOT’s

After several years as a public at the Tel-Aviv Org, Yulia joined staff in 2010. Yulia was sent to Flag twice for training as an Academy Supervisor.

Yulia Engelin began studying Scientology at Dror Center in 1996. After completing her introductory services, Yulia decided to advance on the Bridge at the Tel Aviv Org with a goal to become a professional auditor.

During her time as a staff member, Yulia observed errors and deviations in the application of Ron Hubbard’s policy and technology by the Church. In addition, Yulia soon realized that the Church’s promises that she will advance as an auditor and go up the Bridge to Clear and beyond are empty.

The staff of the Tel Aviv Org was promised by David Miscavige, at the opening of the “Tel Aviv Ideal Org” in August 2012, that the Universe Corps would soon come to Tel Aviv and all staff will do their OT Levels. This of course never happened. All this led to Yulia’s decision to leave the Church in 2015, and return to Dror Center together with her Husband Gershon and their son Lari.

At Dror, Yulia is advancing rapidly on both sides of the Bridge. She completed training as a LifePower Coach, a Life Repair Auditor, and a level 1 auditor.  She now successfully gives auditing to her preclears.

In May 2018, Yulia attested to the State of Clear. In August 2019, she completed OT2. And more recently, she completed OT Drug Rundown.

Yulia kept going and completed Audited NOT’s and most recently the Solo NOT’s Auditor Course.

New Era Dianetics for OT’s (NOT’s) was a major release by Hubbard in 1978. It is a level giving the individual fantastic wins, delivered in two steps. The first step is Audited NOT’s, where you receive this level from a highly-trained auditor. At Dror, it could be Tami Lemberger, Aviv Bershadsky, or Dima Dubinin. Upon completion of Audited NOT’s, one proceeds to the second step, Solo NOT’s. One does the Solo NOT’s Auditor Course and then, once perfectly proficient, one continues to audit NOT’s at home, under supervision of Dror’s Case Supervisor.
For more data about this fantastic level see an article by Aviv about the OT Levels based on early publications by the Church. And on 4 April 2019, we published a vital article explaining New Era Dianetics for OT’s.

Here is Yulia’s success story from completion of the Solo NOT’s Auditor Course:

“I did it! I’m so happy to have acquired these important tools and data. Now I can handle anything I have attention on. It’s so simple and easy. After each session, I feel relieved, calm, and happy. It’s great! Many thanks to Dror Center’s team! It wouldn’t have been possible without you. And thank you to Ron Hubbard.”

And here is Yulia’s success story following completion of Audited NOT’s:

“I feel great. I feel my space. In it, I am detached from the physical universe. I feel calm and at peace after the sessions. It’s like having a candle of theta burning within me, and with each session, the flame grows bigger and brighter, and my space grows along with it. That’s how I feel after the sessions. The wins in the higher levels are stable and constant. The events of the physical world do not bother me, they cannot penetrate me. They move past me while I am protected in my space.”

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