Ten Years Ago – Part 2
Safeguarding the Bridge

Ten years ago, in January 2012, began a process that by June 28, 2012, would lead to Dror Center departing the Church of Scientology.

Dror’s major challenge following the exit was acquiring the materials and the know-how to deliver the entire Bridge to Spiritual Freedom precisely as designed by Ron Hubbard.

Our site administrator, Emily Benyaminov, conducted an interview with Dani Lemberger, asking him how Dror’s management guaranteed they have all of Hubbard’s materials and the expertise to deliver the highest levels of the Bridge, including the Clear Certainty Rundown, the OT Levels, and the L Rundowns.

To ensure clarity and precision, Dani and Emily prepared their questions and answers in advance and are reading them from printed text. For your convenience, we have added English subtitles.

We hope you enjoy watching; you are welcome to leave comments or contact us with any questions.

5 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago – Part 2</br>Safeguarding the Bridge”

  1. It is not the LRH Bridge you are offering. That you offer is the David Mayo Bridge. Today this is nót even anymore at question.

    I respond because you write: “the entire Bridge to Spiritual Freedom precisely as designed by Ron Hubbard”. It is not!

    Do you remember visiting me in Sweden?

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