Shay Rozental on the Road to Victory

Shay is the head of a leading real estate agency in Haifa.

Shay began his journey with Hubbard’s philosophy over twenty years ago when he was a young soldier. He eagerly read Hubbard’s books and decided to take courses at the Tel Aviv Org of the Church of Scientology. Shay soon realized there was a huge gap between Hubbard’s writings and the Org’s practices and left the Church.

In 2012, Shay was excited to get back with Ron’s Tech at Dror, following its departure from the Church. We cover those days, ten years ago, here.

Shay has been progressing steadily at Dror together with his wife Gilli and their son Lavie. Shay shared with us his wins at our recent Graduation party.

Last week, Shay completed Recall Processes (ARC Staightwire) with his auditor, Dima Dubinin. He told his friends the life-changing wins he has been enjoying.

Please note: Shay talks Hebrew. We have added English subtitles. To enable the subtitles, please press the subtitle toggle button, located at the bottom of the video controls:

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