Ten Years Ago – Episode 3
Renata and Claudio in Haifa

We recently began following the wild ride of 2012, Dror Center’s departure from the Church of Scientology.

On January 21, we posted the first publication of Dror’s expulsion, Dani’s interview with Tony Ortega.

Then on February 4, we published Dani’s interview with Emilia, where he revealed data that was never disclosed before, how Dror acquired the full materials of Ron’s Bridge.

One of Dror’s main worries when leaving the Church was acquiring the knowledge and expertise required for proper delivery of Hubbard’s Bridge. Fortunately, Dror did not stand alone, as friends came to aid.

One such friend is Italian fashion designer Claudio Lugli. Claudio came to Haifa immediately when Dror Tech team invited him, in August 2012. By then Claudio had a lot of experience delivering the OT levels, and he spent a few weeks in Haifa training Dror’s top auditors and C/S’s on delivery of the OT Levels.

During his visit, Dror held an event so the entire public can hear from Claudio his observations of what is happening in the Church and his personal acquaintance with David Miscavige. Claudio was a leading Scientologist in Italy since the mid-1970’s and an OT 8. His data and viewpoint are invaluable. Claudio gave a long talk, telling us about himself and about his activities.

The sound quality is not too good, and when the video was divided into three segments ten years ago, no subtitles were prepared. Yet what Claudio says is definitely worth the effort.

Claudio and Renata’s story of departure was covered extensively. In their statement on Marty Rathbun’s blog of December 8, 2010, Claudio wrote:

“It has been several years that we’ve noted a deviation from its basic purposes, and a lot of things were not making much sense. We did not know however what was happening behind closed doors. … Our efforts in trying to rationalize or justify the many reasons why these goals were never getting met dissipated as time went by and all that was left in the end was just a big fat failed purpose.”

On February 2, 2011, Claudio published an open letter addressed to David Miscavige , also posted on Marty’s blog.

On January 30, 2017, Tony Ortega published an article detailing how the Church of Scientology tears families apart and pits members against one another, with the Lugli family as an example.

Dror’s team and public are grateful to Claudio for his visit and tremendous support at a crucial point in our evolution. Here is a link to Claudio’s talk.

3 thoughts on “Ten Years Ago – Episode 3</br>Renata and Claudio in Haifa”

  1. It was a pleasure to be there with all of you
    Me and Renata really enjoyed helping you
    Israel is a marvelous country and by coming to you we had the chance to see its beauty, Haifa, Jerusalem and lot more
    You as a group are really strong and you are still there despite all the threats from the corporation the call church
    The fun came back again and Scientology is helping others and having fun doing it!
    We wish you all the fun in the world
    Renata & Claudio

    1. Dearest Renata and Claudio,
      You were with us in the challenging days of 2012!
      Without your friendship and support, we would not be where we are now – stable and delivering the entire Bridge.
      Yes, Scientology is fun when in the hands of dedicated and ethical people.
      We’d love to see you again, show you our beautiful new premises and more of our country.
      Keep well, love, Dani

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