Hania Mrkos on the Between Lives Data Course

Hania Mrkos from Prague, Czech Republic, has recently completed the Between Lives Data Course!

This course was compiled from Ron Hubbard’s articles and lectures by Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s OT Review Auditor and C/S. It is delivered at Dror Center and can also be done online with a digital course pack and checksheet.

Since the course was created, we received a lot of questions showing high interest in it. We asked Aviv to describe the Between Lives Data Course in detail, which we published on October 23, 2020.

Today, we are immensely proud to present the success story of Hania Mrkos, who for over 40 years was active in delivering seminars and promoting Scientology in his hometown, Prague. Hania founded a bustling Dianetics co-audit group, helping hundreds start on their Bridge.  Hania received auditing in Munich and other Orgs, then went up to OT 3 at AOSH EU , Copenhagen. He later did OT 4 and the three L Rundowns at Flag. In 2014, Hania decided to leave the Church and continue his Bridge progress at Dror Center. On one of his visits to Dror, Hania was interviewed by Dani Lemberger, Dror’s Managing Partner.

Hania also referred many of his friends in Prague to Dror, including: Ivana Dusilova, Hana Esentierova, Jana Fajtova and Anna Jelinkova

Hania’s last course at Dror was the Between Lives Data Course which he did online under Aviv’s personal supervision. Here is Hania’s success story upon completion:

“I have been reading often about the subject of ´Between Lives´. It interested me a lot, even though I know I am not going to die.

“There are a lot of texts around and it’s actually quite confusing. I never got clear answers or concept about it.

“My body is having quite a lot of hardships and I just decided to get clear concept of this matter.  That is why I started to study the Between Lives Data Course.

“I realized really that I am not my body, but a theta being. Actually creating energy and getting anything it wants. Also, I postulate creating my own goal in the period between lives and create where I want to go next life. What an incredible idea – the postulate is the senior thing to the being.

“I just realized it and started to use it. Pouring out energy on things or states of being I want.

“Studying the last chapter was quite an adventure. I was getting into all kinds of impulses and weird ideas. And I could not sleep and then I decided to end with it. Just like snapping my fingers – Tone 40 Postulate.

“It did work and I think I will get even better in using all the data from this course. It was my best experience in the last couple of years with the Tech.

“I recommend this course to all human beings. Thank you Aviv, Hania”

5 thoughts on “Hania Mrkos on the Between Lives Data Course”

  1. Thank you for sharing your personal wins Hania.
    Every human being should do it, I agree.
    Between life area is not adressed enough though it’s vital for a
    spiritual being to prepare this ‘journey’ long before ‘death’ hits and
    undo the traps that are being laid out for us and our friends and family.
    It’s also a doingness, something we can learn to do. It’s unique and hasn’t been available for quite some time, a chance everybody should take.
    Thank you to Dror and Aviv to have compiled this course.

  2. Hana Esentierova

    Krásný zisk, moc Ti to přeju a gratuluji. Je to krásný kurz a je dobře, že tato data máš :). Zasloužíš si je. Užij si zisky a přeji Ti, abys tyto informace využil naplno :).
    Pusu, Hanka

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