Ivana Lustincova Winning at Dror

Ivana Lustincova (previously, Dusilova) from Prague, Czech Republic, recently came to Dror Center for the second time. On this visit of March 2020, she made further progress on the Bridge by completing Grade 4 – Ability Release. Ivana first came to Dror in August 2019 when she did her Grade 3 – Freedom Release.

Ivana started studying Scientology in Prague in 1992. She went up the Bridge at the Prague Mission and at AOSH EU, the Advanced Org in Copenhagen. Ivana continued in the Church until the Golden Age of Tech came out in 1996. Ivana noticed at the time, that there are a lot of outpoints in the Church. This caused her to withdraw from her purpose to achieve the State of Clear and focus on her family and professional life as a leading real estate broker in Prague.

Ivana eventually left the Church in 2000 and made no progress on the Bridge until 2015. That year, she met Hania and Maria Mrkos who for many years operated a Dianetics Center in Prague. Hania and Maria first came to Dror in 2018 and since then have become close associates of Dror’s and have encouraged many of their friends in Prague to do the Bridge at Dror. When Hania visited Dror Center a second time in April 2019, Dani Lemberger held a conversation with him.

On Ivana’s first visit to Dror, she completed Grade 3 – Freedom Release with great wins. We present the video of her attest, including subtitles in English for your convenience.

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