Hana Esentierova Speeding to OT

Last week, Hana Esentierova left Dror Center to return home in the Czech Republic after a three-months visit. During her stay here she accomplished remarkable progress on her Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.

Hana, to her friends Hanka, started studying Hubbard’s technology in 1992, in the Mission of Prague. At the mission, she met Hania Mrkos and supported him in establishing the Dianetics co-audit group, helping many people going up the Bridge.

Hania led the Dianetics group in Prague to great achievements until, in 2013, they all left the Church. This group now continues their auditing and training at Dror, see our recent posts about Jana Fajtova from Prague.

In 2008, Hanka achieved the State of Clear at AOSH EU, Copenhagen. While she was at AOSH EU, she observed many outpoints that led her to leave the Church. Hanka told us that in the Church, she was pressured to donate large amounts of money and was told that she should leave her family.

After leaving the Church, Hanka did not continue advancing up the Bridge until Hania encouraged her not to give up on her purpose and even came with her to Dror in person to introduce her to our team. 

Hanka arrived at Dror Center for three months, September to November 2019. During her stay, she completed Solo Auditor Course, Parts A and B and OT 1, precisely per the original materials of Ron Hubbard.

(Note 1: Following Dror’s departure from the Church in 2012 we conducted a thorough research of the OT Levels and discovered that OT 1 in the Church had been falsified. At Dror, we deliver Ron’s OT 1 according to his hand-written instructions, as explained in our post of August 2014.)

Hanka returned home to continue Solo auditing on OT 2, after completing her theory studies and on-board Solo auditing of the amazing materials of this level.

(Note 2: OT 2 is a vital level, shortened and altered in the Church. Please see our post of February 2015.

We have prepared three separate videos of Hanka’s attests. Hanka speaks Russian, so we added translation into English with subtitles for your convenience. We invite you to watch Hanka sharing her wins.

2 thoughts on “Hana Esentierova Speeding to OT”

  1. Molodyets Hanka! I am very glad that I met you at Dror Center. You are so full of theta. Your diligence and determination are admirable.
    See you back soon…

    1. Hana Esentierová

      Thank you Moti, I love you all and look forward to seeing you :).
      I’m so glad I came to DROR. I found you there, which I consider my second family :).

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