Dima Jitovetsky – First OT 2 Completion in Israel!

Dima Jitovetsky Aviv

Congratulations to Dima Jitovetsky for completing the advanced level OT 2!

The ability gained of this level is: ability to confront the whole track.

Dima with his auditor Aviv
Dima with his auditor Aviv


It turns out that the levels OT 1 and 2 were altered over the years by the Church of Scientology and replaced with inferior technology and shortened to a level of no achievement. Pre-OTs rarely achieves any gains at these levels.

At Dror Center they made sure they have the correct and the original materials as Ron meant. And after consultation with senior technical terminals, some of them even worked under Ron in the 70’s, they managed to achieve back the exact technology with complete certainty.

We went to find out with Dima a few things, honor of his completion of this level:


Tell us how you got into Scientology?

My friend, Pavel Shahar, introduced me to Scientology and to Dror Center in 2000. My first course was a communication course. After the huge gains I had as a result of this course I decided to continue.


Tell us about your training and auditing progress in Scientology.

After the communication course I started to receive auditing. At first from Tami and then from Aviv. At Dror I completed auditing up to Clear. I went to the Advanced Organization in Copenhagen in 30.4.2011 where I completed successfully the Clear Certainty Rundown – a process that approved the attainment of the state of Clear.
During all this period I did all kinds of basic courses at Dror and the Student Hat in the Academy of Tel Aviv Organization.


Dima's Clear certificate
Dima’s Clear certificate

What are your memories from the organization in Tel Aviv?

I have to say that the training and supervision of the course were fine, but in between the study periods, Tel-Aviv staff just did not leave us alone for a second with continual demands for “donations”.
It came one day to a point that two people from the organization took me out of the academy in the middle of the course to a side room where they were showing me all kinds of films that I did not even understand what their connection to Scientology was and then tried to get some money out of me for campaigns of the International Association of Scientologists in the US. It was crazy.

I remember that always, right after finishing the study period, org staff were waiting for us outside the class, pick on us to get money out of us for this or that. I used to tell them excuses like that I am late for the last train and have to run, but there were pushy regs, that just don’t know when to give up, that walked me all the way to the train station.


Can you tell us about how you got the news that Dror broke away from the Church and what was your reaction to it?

It was about a year after I attested Clear. I remember that Aviv called me and said he had something important to tell me. We went up to his office, where he began to talk about their decision to break away from the Church and the reasons why. He kept talking, but half a second after, I decided I’m with them with no doubt at all. I did not have any confusion or doubt about that for a second. As soon as he said that they are breaking away, I felt like a whole load of rocks are falling off me.
I remember that weeks later there were still people walking around and doing their doubt formula. For me it was an easy and smooth decision.


A few words on the way from Clear to the state of OT 2?

After the attestation of Clear I returned to Israel, Dror were still operating under the Church, and I got a letter from Copenhagen that required me to go and re-do lower steps on the bridge, i.e objective processes. This letter just dropped my tone level. It was really confusing and I knew inside me it is wrong. I felt it is imposed on me and blocking my progress.
Probably at this point the guys at Dror already knew they are breaking out, because fortunately Aviv took me to session and patched me up, and we removed it out of the way.

After Dror formally broke away, all the Bridge opened up before me, right here in Haifa near my home. No more having to travel hundreds of miles and pay astronomical sums.

I made a process called FPRD – False Purpose Rundown – in preparation for the advanced levels, then completed the courses which are prerequisite for the Solo Course. Then I started Solo Course Part 1 and 2. After that I received an invitation to the advanced levels and did OT 1 and 2.


Dima with his invitation for the advanced levels
Dima with his invitation for the advanced levels

Now, two weeks after completing this level, do you have anything else to tell us about your achievements of it?

I was told that this level became again the original OT 2, as Ron had planned it to be. There are people who have made this level in the Church and they did only small sections of it.

After this stage I stopped looking at things in terms of good / bad, hot / cold, white / black, but things got depth and have broad and full Scale. I have complete perspective about everything I encounter or do, I do not think in terms of extremes.
My understanding about people grew significantly. I also noticed that people feel it too, and just stick to me to talk. People at work just do not leave me, they all come to receive communication.

Here is a video of Dima’s attestation of OT 2:




5 thoughts on “Dima Jitovetsky – First OT 2 Completion in Israel!”

  1. Excellent stuff!! Well done friend of the tech and lover of

    I have just begun my OT2 and it is grand indeed. Cant wait to experience this level in full! It is always wonderful news seeing more and more people enjoying the wins of the tech outside the church!

    This is happening on a much larger scale than the church realises!

    Keep on winning!

  2. Very well done, Dima.
    Great success story.

    I´m doing right now OTII myself too in the indie field in Germany.
    And I can fully duplicate what you are saying and really like it.
    I like this level also very much, just being able to audit sooooooo much charge off by yourself, is a godsend for me.

    Many greeting and have a lot of fun!

  3. Very well done, Dima! Such a right decision to go with Dani and the Dror center and leave the losers behind.

    I’m sure you will love OT3.

    I am solo auditing on NOTs outside of the “chuch” and having big wins. As you are demonstrating, the Bridge really does exist outside of the false church.

    Very best wishes.


  4. Congratulation Dima! It is all the time a big pleasure to hear things like that from the Dror Center. In a few month I also will be there again. All the best. Josef

  5. Congrats from Berlin, Germany. It’s so refreshing to see people moving up the bridge. Carry on, Dima, my best wishes accompany you.

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