Dani Lemberger in Aqaba: ‘The Why’, Dror Center leaving the Church in 2012 and its expansion since.

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We are pleased to bring you the fifth and final lecture of the Aqaba Conference held in October, 2019, by the three leading groups using using Hubbard’s Technology in Israel: Clearing Center, Pavel Shahar-Nir Lahav Consulting and Dror Center. This lecture was delivered by Dani Lemberger, expanding on data presented by the four earlier speakers: Don Schaul, Nir Lahav, Pavel Shahar and Eyal Tzoref. In his lecture, Dani discusses ‘The Why’, what is ‘The Real Why’ and how this relates to each person’s cause level and decision-making in life.

Dani relates finding ‘The Real Why’ to the journey the Dror team made in its decision to leave the Church of Scientology in 2012. He describes the analysis they conducted prior to the split and the subsequent expansion. At the close of 2019, Dror Center is double the size it was when departing the CofS in 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: Dani’s original lecture in Aqaba was delivered in Hebrew. We translated his lecture into English and asked Dani to record it in English for the convenience of our viewers. We then added still photos and short video sections from the conference to the English sound track. This video is 16 minutes long and has English subtitles. The full text of the talk is given below.

The four lectures we already posted are:

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On November 22nd, we posted Pavel Shahar’s lecture. In his lecture, Pavel explains how to use the Conditions Formulas in order to improve all areas of life.  

On November 29th, we posted Eyal Tzoref’s lecture. Eyal talks about the Organizing Board with emphasis on how to use it in personal life. Eyal also explained the seven rules for proper financial management with many examples of how to apply it in life.

Here is the audio recording of Dani’s translated lecture with shots from the Aqaba lecture and English subtitles. Below, you will find the full text.

Hi everyone!

What I will say is based on the lectures given by our 4 incredible speakers: Nir, Don, Eyal, and Pavel. Thank you very much.

It is really exciting that we are here together, our three groups comprising hundreds of people, of whom a few tens are present at this wonderful conference. 

One subject we discussed here at length is statistics and their analysis by conditions, right? Statistics, in business or for an individual, is simply measuring an activity over time. So here we have the time axis, ‘T’ stands for ‘Time’. And the vertical axis is ‘Q’, the quantity of something. 

In most professions, including Dror Center, I think that the most important datum is the amount of people who receive services. We do not focus on money, because if have many clients who want our services – they will bring the money.

But first, we need to bring in the public. That is why when a student shows up and they want to do a course but are not in a good financial situation, I always say to Carmela, “give him a discount.” Well, maybe I shouldn’t have said that. We always want to keep the client. Because a satisfied client is our senior product, right? 

Now, this is the graph that Pavel presented earlier, showing the cycle of most businesses. It starts at a certain point, rises as the business expands, then slows down and descends, and will then either crash or go up again.

Pavel, did I understand correctly? Thanks. 

At this point, when the statistic slows or goes down, a decision must be made. The correct decision will bring renewed growth, but the wrong decision will cause a crash. 

Please note, the data we are learning here these past two days is based entirely on Ron Hubbard’s research. And Hubbard researched this critical stage in the cycle of a business or an organization. 

Now, we see a phenomenon in life and we say “Wow, why does this happen?” We use the word ‘Why’ to get a reason for something we observe. 

At this point that Pavel spoke about, when my business goes from thriving to slowing down and then into decline, I ask myself, why? Why is there a decline? Why did my business stop expanding?

Hubbard, in his genius, took a simple word and gave it a lot of meaning, and wrote dozens of articles about it. There is a special course that teaches this. Hubbard uses the word ‘why’ as a noun, ‘The Why’. So, ‘The Why’ is the reason things are as they are. The basic reason for a given situation. 

If the statistic shows a rise, we can ask why is it going up. The Why for expansion could be that we give excellent service, we offer good prices, possibly we invented a new product. Usually when there is a rise, we are so happy that we do not even analyze our success. 

When the stat stops going up, right at this point here, we tend to blame something else. We blame the weather, it’s the government, or the holidays, or the competition, or the Chinese. Something happens outside my control and I don’t know what to do about it.

Hubbard says that ‘The Why’ for it to be true and correct, ‘The Real Why’ it must be something that you are Cause over. If the why you find is not under your control, if you’re not Cause over it, it cannot be the real why. You cannot change the weather, right? So the weather is definitely not the real why. The real why, once I find it, that I am its cause, will open the door to change.

Let me share a personal example of this. For many years, Tami and I worked in a nail factory. Once a month we held a management meeting with the General Manager and we would analyze monthly financial results. We could see that the factory lost money last month and that we must do something about this. Yet the factory manager explained, “Yes, it was a rainy month. Nails don’t sell when it rains because they might rust.”

Following month, we lost money again. We do our monthly meeting and the manager says, “Well, it was a sunny month. Nails don’t sell when it’s hot.” This was many years ago when there were terror attacks in Israel, so, “people don’t buy nails when there’s bombings.” Then, “During the holidays no one buys nails.” And so on. Since we had no means of finding the Real Why, this nail factory is gone, as some of you know. Something else is there now. 

So the key to raising statistics is to constantly observe data, apply the correct condition formula, and see what you are cause over, that which depends on you alone, which is the basic reason for the change. Okay?

If you allow me some more minutes of your time, I will share my personal experience in applying this. We draw a graph again, and in 1992 a historic event takes place. What happened? Tami and Dani opened Dror Center.

As we said, the most important statistic for a new activity is the number of people receiving services. How many people did we have in ’92? Just one, David Yablonovsky. The old-timers remember, we succeeded and expanded fast. But around 2005 or 2007 we began to slow down and falter. People who had been with us for a long time began leaving, like Eyal, Ronit, Don, Dima Jitovetsky, Alex Shur. 

They moved on to higher organizations to continue their courses or do the Upper Levels of the Bridge. So they left, but I was unable to bring to Dror new public. The few who did come in, soon left. Some of them, like Yaniv Berliner, Nir Lahav and Yariv Marmor are now back at Dror, 20 years later.

In those years, 2005 to 2012, occasionally someone stumbled upon us but did not stay long. They would say to me, “I don’t want to be in this cult!” or, “You’re the Church of Scientology? Oh… that’s scary!”, or, “I read about you in the newspaper, your reputation is bad, your conduct is terrible.”, or, “Wow, this is a Church? But I’m a Jew.” We are in Israel, so nobody wants to be in a church, right? Because churches are for Jesus and crosses, and they think we’re related to that. 

I soon realized that I cannot do anything about this. We were under a very oppressive regime. We were not allowed to do many things. No conferences like this one, no cooperation. And whoever dares to write a book – he’s finished. Years ago, at Flag, the highest Scientology Org, I mentioned my idea to write a book, so they immediately sent me to ethics for questioning, “What are you planning to write?” We realized we cannot do anything about this situation. 

In 2009, I completed my last course at the Tel-Aviv Org of the Church of Scientology. It was Hubbard’s Data Series Evaluator Course. It’s an incredible course that teaches what we are talking about here, at this conference. Hubbard focuses on the subject of statistics, conditions formulas and data analysis. It’s a big pack with over 50 bulletins on this subject. That was the last course I did there. I was always interested in this because of my background in management and statistics. 

I was really fascinated. Each article in the course, each piece of information made me go, “Wow!” There are maybe 20 articles just on the word ‘Why’. Hubbard calls it ‘The Real Why’. He even goes as far as saying “The Why is God.” The Real Why is God.

This means that when you find the real reason for something, then you can change it. It is the true cause that can change your life. That is your God. Find the true reason which you are cause over. Hubbard says really incredible things there. 

When I fully understood this data, I realized that it will do me any good to complain about David Miscavige, boss of the Church of Scientology. For many years I knew that Miscavige is a lunatic, but this did not change anything. Complaining about the bad repute of the Church or that it’s management stops us from creating and marketing and expanding, will not help us. We already had a fantastic team at Dror Center but we were stopped. 

It was forbidden for us to audit many processes; we could not deliver the Upper Levels or even to train auditors. There really was nothing we could do. I looked around me at our friends, Simcha Kelman, Ella Shner, Mordi and Shuli Bukai, good friends of ours. They all had booming centers but were brought down by Scientology Management. None of them exists anymore. But writing more letters or talking about it won’t help me. 

On the Hubbard Data Series Evaluator Course, around 2009, I realized that only I can be Cause. We are all Cause over our own lives, and we each must find our individual Real Why. I understood that it’s up to me, as the founder and manager of Dror Center, to decide how I apply what Pavel talked about today – restore expansion and take Dror to the Condition of Power.

Around 2011, I faced two choices: Stay in the Scientology Organization or leave it. For many years I deluded myself, thinking I can improve the system from inside. I have thick folders with letters I sent to Church Management imploring them to change or improve because the way they were operating was improper and wrong. I asked to meet with the executives but was refused.

Because each time I tried to handle or I wrote, they sent me to Ethics, they punished me and threatened me. Their ultimate threat was that if I keep talking like this, I will be declared a Suppressive Person. Then I will not be able to go up the Bridge anymore. They tell you that your eternity belongs to them, they have a monopoly on your spiritual freedom. 

Well, I have some good news: Everyone here is a Suppressive Person! This should be called “The Suppressive Convention”. 

Many people here went through this process, to break free of the thought that someone else is your master, someone holds your future in their hands. It took us a lot of time, Aviv, Dima, Moti, Carmela, Tami and I, to research and to find out that all the knowledge and Hubbard’s Tech is out in the open and free to use. 

The turning point was when I realized that focusing on what is happening in the Org doesn’t solve anything. It is a personal decision we each must take, to make this change. In 2012, Dror Center left the Church. We were in a Danger Condition, so we had to quickly gather all of Hubbard’s knowledge and create a new operating base.

The fact that we’re here today, that our three groups (Don’s Clearing Center, Pavel Shahar and Nir Lahav Consulting and Dror Center) are thriving and prospering is proof that we did the right thing in 2012. 

Prior to leaving the Church in 2012, we were 6 staff members with around 50 public on lines. Today, seven years later, we are 11 staff members: Aviv, Carmela, Dima, Eitan, Emily, Igor, Moti, Sophie, Tami, Yulia and myself. 

The amount of people receiving services at Dror is now more than 120. There are about 90 here in Israel, and between 30 to 40 people who come regularly from Europe, even from the U.S.

The power that we create is based on our work as free people, right? No one tells us what to do, there is no central management, nothing is forced on anyone. 

We have freedom of choice to participate. We share our knowledge, our resources and talents. 

Success is always based on personal choice. It’s never up to anyone else but each and every one of us individually. 

Thank you very much!

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  1. Wonderful Dani! Thank you very much. Very good to receive the viewpoint and data in a new unit of time. Much success to you and your group…..and have a wonderful holiday season.

  2. Thank you for your kind words.
    It’s been a fabulous journey with the best team applying Ron’s wonderful Tech.
    I’m happy and proud to be doing this and looking forward to more adventures!

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