Dima Dubinin Sharing his Story

Dima Dubinin arrived at Dror Center in 1996 at the age of fifteen, to improve his study skills. He did much training and auditing at Dror and at the Tel Aviv Org of the Church of Scientology. When 20 years old, after completing military service, Dima decided to join Dror’s staff. Dima trained as an Academy Sup, Purif C/S and Class 5 Auditor in Tel Aviv and at the Tampa Org, Florida.

Dima was active in Dror’s decision to leave the Church in 2012. He has since then continued his training and progress on the Bridge. He is one of the most experienced auditors active today; many of his pre-clears achieving the State of Clear. In addition, Dima is doing a great job as the Academy’s Director of Training and Dror’s Purification Rundown C/S.

Beyond helping others, Dima is moving up the Bridge. In July 2019, Dima completed OT 2 and in November 2019, he completed OT 3. And most recently, Dima completed the spectacular L12 Rundown which he received from Tami Lemberger, see the video below.

Dror Center invested huge efforts to collect the entirety of LRH Tech, including delivery of the OT Levels and the L Rundowns. Dror puts much emphasis on Academy training to create many auditors for the future.

We conducted an interview with Dima about his history at Dror Center, his decision to leave the Church and Dror’s expansion since 2012.

We invite you to watch the two videos. We will happy to receive your comments.

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  1. Thanks a lot!!! I want to thank Tami for amazing Auditing, every day I feel more and more wins, I want to thank all of our family in Dror, our friends in Switzerland, thank you very much!!! And of course to LRH, for giving us an opportunity to have all those beautiful wins.

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