Don Schaul on the Admin Scale

Last week we published a post, Celebrating Triple Expansion, about the conference held in Aqaba, Jordan by the three groups using the LifePower books in Israel. We got together for four days to attend five eye-opening lectures focusing on Hubbard’s Management Technology.

Don Schaul gave the audience a thorough explanation of the Admin Scale and its application to every person’s life. He emphasized that to lead a meaningful life one should follow Ron’s formula of living:

“Livingness is having and following a basic goal.”

Don guided us through the Admin Scale and what are the steps required to enable one to apply this formula to life. The participants expressed high interest and shared their many wins.

Don is steadily moving up the Bridge at Dror Center, having recently completed OT 2, and he regularly helps many people go up the Bridge. In 2014, Don founded Clearing Center in Tel Aviv, where he successfully delivers Dianetics seminars and LifePower Courses.

Don’s lecture in Hebrew is over an hour long. We present a brief section of Don’s lecture with English subtitles.

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