Senior Consultant, Pavel Shahar, Teaches the Conditions

In October 2019, we organized a conference in Aqaba, Jordan, of our three groups to celebrate triple expansion. In the conference, five lectures were given, focusing on Hubbard’s Management Technology.

On November 1st, 2019, we posted Don Schaul’s talk explaining how to build a personal Admin Scale.

The second lecture we published on November 8th, 2019, of Nir Lahav on how we can achieve power across all the dynamics of life.

Today we present a section of Pavel Shahar’s lecture. In his lecture, Pavel talks about the Conditions Formulas, with emphasis on how to apply them to all areas of life. 

Pavel Shahar began studying Scientology at Dror Center in 1999.  He soon decided to focus on Hubbard’s Management Technology since he had a lot of prior experience in that field.

Pavel studied at the Hubbard College in Tel Aviv over a year. Soon after, in 2001, Pavel opened his activity as a business consultant. Until 2012 he operated under the WISE network and expanded with great results on his customers. Pavel now operates as an independent consultant in partnership with Nir Lahav.

Since leaving the Church in 2012 with the whole Dror group, Pavel keeps advancing up the Bridge. In 2015, Pavel reached the State of Clear and is currently auditing on Solo NOT’s.

This section is about 9 minutes long of almost two hours and has English sub-titles. We hope you enjoy watching Pavel Shahar, please let us have your comments below.

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  1. Thank you Pavel for your very interesting lecture! Thanks for your activity to promote Ron’s Management Technology! It’s fun to cooperate with you!
    Much love,

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