Jana Fajtova is Winning at Dror Center

Jana and Tami

Jana Fajtova of Prague, Czech Republic, recently spent a month at Dror Center. While at Dror, Jana completed ARC Straightwire and we also took the opportunity to conduct an interview with her.

Jana began studying Hubbard’s Technology in 2012 at the Vsudybudi Group of Prague, established by Maria and Hania Mrkos. Hania is an old-time Scientologist, doing his first course in 1973 at the Munich Org, Germany. At the time, he lived in Basel, Switzerland, where he fled in 1968 when the Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia. Hania became an enthusiastic Scientologist, opened a mission in Bern and worked with top management to help expand the Basel Org.

Hania went up to OT 3 at AOSH EU, Copenhagen, and later did OT 4 and the three L Rundowns at Flag. Throughout the years, Hania was active in delivering seminars and promoting Scientology. He returned to Prague in 2012 and founded a bustling Dianetics co-audit group, named Vsudybudi, helping hundreds start on their Bridge. In 2014, Hania and his group left the Church and continued as Independent Scientologists. When Hania visited Dror Center, Dani Lemberger held a conversation with him which we posted in April 2019. Jana and many of her friends in Prague now continue their services at Dror.

Jana studied and co-audited Dianetics for about 3 years in Prague. Then she continued to co-audit the Objectives Processes with great wins. To make it possible for her to go up the Bridge to Clear and OT, Hania encouraged Jana to come to Dror Center.

We invite you to watch two videos of Jana Fajtova. First, her attest to completion of ARC Straightwire and the second, Eitan Beitner in interview with her.

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