Anna Jelinkova Goes O.T.

Anna Jelinkova

Anna Jelinkova began studying Scientology in the Vsudybudi Group of Prague, Czech, in 2011, headed by Hania and Maria Mrkos, following her participation in the Anatomy of Human Mind Course. Anna then studied the Dianetics book and co-audited over 300 hours of Dianetics until achieving the State of Clear in 2014.

In 2013, Anna went to the Basel Org, Switzerland, for services. She felt that the staff members had no real desire to help the public advance on the Bridge. “It seemed,” she told us, “that their main purpose was to raise money.” This realization pushed Anna to make the decision to leave the Church and to continue practicing Scientology independently.

After leaving the Church in 2014, Anna attested Clear in Prague and decided to keep advancing up the Bridge. She completed O.T. 1 and O.T. 2 in Prague under the supervision of Hania Mrkos. In March 2019, he encouraged her to visit Dror Center to keep advancing further up the Bridge, reaching O.T. 3 and beyond.

During her stay at Dror Center, Anna recently completed O.T. 3 and the OT Drug Rundown. Anna enjoyed the auditing with Aviv Bershadsky and had many gains. She was also delighted by the team’s care and dedication. Anna chose to share with us her success story from her visit to Dror Center.
Below we publish two of her many success stories and a video of Anna’s O.T. 3 completion with subtitles in English.

My Wins on Visiting Dror Center

By Anna Jelinkova, 19.04.2019

I have a great deal of perception and my space has expanded. I understand myself better and I have increased my ARC with people around me. I know why I did some things and why I did not want to do other things. I am now more aware of the dynamics blending one into another. I no longer suffer from a somatic that worried me for a long time. I realize much more the power of postulates.

Further, I am constantly in a good mood, singing (I have not done that for a long time) and I have a constant desire to create something that makes sense and is beautiful. I feel harmony with myself and with my surroundings. I see human weaknesses with insight and understanding. It is true that I have had these abilities before, but somehow it has deepened.

Thank you so much, Aviv. Your kind care and immense affinity helped me overcome the language barrier and pushed me through the pitfalls of the Reactive Mind.

I am grateful to Maria and Hania Mrkos for the good preparation. Without their hard and exhausting work at the beginning of my journey to knowledge, I would not be here.

In addition, thank you very much to all the people of Dror Center who are extremely kind and have accepted me in a way that makes me feel safe and pleasant. The language barriers that I was worried about before arriving at Dror, did not interrupt our mutual communication.

My deep thanks to Ron Hubbard. It is amazing how his technology can change a person’s life. I was a person full of problems, anxieties and fears and am now an independent being who has no problem confronting life.

Anna also shared with us this win on 28.03.2019:

This morning I had a realization about myself as a free being. I stood on the terrace, the sun was shining, the wind was blowing and the city traffic rushed nearby. I stood there and perceived all this, here and now, but I was separate from all of this. The feeling was of absolute self-determinism!

7 thoughts on “Anna Jelinkova Goes O.T.”

  1. I am happy to share with you an email I just received from a friend of ours:

    “Hi there, this is Oliver from Grenchen.

    I don’t know Anna in person, don’t even speak her language.

    But still I can perceive how she feels, and what she experienced.

    I makes me very very very happy to see there are people out there

    who do it and progress.

    Thank you so much for doing this ! Fantastic job !

    Also, I acknowledge that you go public with sharing wins.

    I consider it being very brave and I hope many many many many people will see this.

    Then they can see that true Scientologists are quite normal and not some weird people.


  2. Well done Anna.

    I enjoyed your success story. I found it to be quite simple and yet very profound. Most changes in life begin like this and then continue on into the future, helping to form what will be.


  3. I am happy to share with you an email I received from a friend of ours:

    “Wow, excellent! And thank you for sharing

    She said something that is a key factor: she felt safe at Dror Center. Good to know she is being cared for


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