HIP HIP HOORAY!!! Dima Auditing on Solo NOT’s

Dima Dubinin, Dror Center’s veteran auditor, is now solo auditing on New Era Dianetics for OT’s!

Dima Dubinin arrived at Dror Center in 1996. He did his training and auditing at Dror and at the Tel Aviv Org. In 2000, after completing military service, Dima joined staff at Dror Center and took on many different hats: Academy Supervisor, Purification Rundown C/S and Class 5 Auditor, for which he trained at the Tampa Org, Florida.

In 2012, Dima and the entire group at Dror Center departed the Church of Scientology. He has since continued his training, completing the Graduate 5 Auditor Course and OT Review Auditor Course. Dima is one of the world’s most experienced auditors: he has brought tens of his preclears to the State of Clear, he C/S’s new auditors at Dror Center and at LifePower Centers abroad. In addition, Dima is doing a great job as Dror’s Academy Director of Training and  Purification Rundown C/S.

While progressing on training, Dima is making rapid progress in his auditing:

– In July 2019, we published Dima’s success when he completed OT 2.

– In November 2019, he completed OT 3.

– In December 2019, we posted his wins from L 12 Rundown.

And a few days ago, Dima completed Solo NOT’s Auditor Course Part B, where one studies the full theory of this fantastic level developed and released by Ron Hubbard in 1978. Our senior OT Review C/S, Aviv Bershadsky, wrote an article in April 2019 about Ron’s OT Levels and how they were falsified by the Church.

Today, we present an interview we conducted with Dima shortly after he completed the Solo NOT’s Auditor Course Part B.

In the interview, Dima shares with us his wins and talks about the successful year he had. Dima talks about the many new students at Dror, a boom created by the LifePower books and courses influencing many to go up the Bridge. Dima emphasizes the expansion of the LifePower Center in Riga, Latvia, led by our friends Kaspars Cveiģelis and Gatis Drevins.

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