Guest at Dror – Kaspars Cveiģelis

Kaspars Cveigelis
Kaspars Cveigelis

Kaspars Cveiģelis began studying Scientology in 2012 at the mission of Riga, Latvia. He continued at the Advanced Organization in Copenhagen. Over the years, Kaspars noticed many outpoints and contradictions between Hubbard’s Tech and what goes on in the church. As a result, he decided to leave the church and look for where he can keep advancing on the Bridge.

Kaspars and his partner Gatis first came to Dror Center in early 2016 to receive auditing and training. They have since been visiting Dror steadily, three to four times a year. On his last visit here, Gatis was joined by his son Patricks, who is now making his first steps on the Bridge.

After experiencing many wins and personal improvements with the Tech, Kaspars and Gatis decided that it is their duty to help others. Thus, in 2018 they opened the LifePower Center of Riga, delivering Hubbard’s Tech to new public. The courses and auditing they offer are based on the books written by Dani Lemberger, which they translated into Latvian. Currently, over ten students are studying in their center, all of whom have many gains with the Communication Course and introductory auditing.

In March 2019, Kaspars came to Dror Center for auditing and has recently completed his Objectives Processes and the Scientology Drug Rundown. We invite you to watch Kaspar’s attest.

During Kaspar’s recent visit at Dror Center, Aviv Bershadsky did an interview with him. Kaspars talks about the decision to leave the church and his achievements at Dror Center. He also describes the difference between receiving auditing in the Church and at Dror. The Interview is approximately 11 minutes long.

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