Gatis Drevins Talks to Us

Gatis Drevins is a frequent guest at Dror Center. He first came to Dror with his partner Kaspars Cveigelis in 2016 and since then is moving rapidly up the Bridge. Less than a year ago they opened LifePower Center of Riga, Latvia.

Gatis Drevins Supervising Students in the Academy of LifePower Riga, Latvia

Gatis Drevins was introduced to Scientology by his friend Kaspars
Cveigelis in Riga, Latvia in 2015. He did his first course at the local
Hubbard College.

He soon realized that the Tech helps him improve his conditions in life
and decided that it his duty to help other people with Ron Hubbard’s
knowledge. However, Kaspars and Gatis observed that the Church of
Scientology itself is violating Ron’s policies and the goal to help people.
They began searching for the ideal place to go up the Bridge and a way
to become active in helping others. They soon found Dror Center
through the Russian website of Dror Friends. Gatis and Kaspars came to
Dror Center together in 2016 with the purpose to train and receive

They both did the full training program as LifePower Coaches, based on
the books written by Dani Lemberger. In October 2018, they opened the
LifePower Center of Riga, and they already have over 14/30 students on
course and introductory services.

Since 2016, they have both been coming to Dror steadily, 3-4 times a
year and are making rapid progress on the Bridge with great wins. On
Gatis’s last visit, in July 2019, he completed Grade 0 – Communication
Release. We took the opportunity of his visit here to conduct a short
interview with him.

We invite you to watch the two videos of Gatis attesting to Grade 0 and
our interview with him. Both videos have English subtitles.

Here is Gatis attesting to Grade 0:

Here is our interview with Gatis:

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  1. Thanks Gatis! It is a real pleasure to be with you every time you come to Haifa, see your progress up the Bridge! I am very impressed to see your initiative to open and run your center on Riga – you are truly amazing!!! Much Love, Tami

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