Lola Loving the False Purpose Rundown

Lola Solan began studying Hubbard’s Technology at Dror Center 27 years ago. After completing her introductory services, Lola decided to achieve the State of Clear and to go OT. She did all her auditing up the Bridge at Dror Center and her Academy training at the Tel Aviv Org.

In 2012, Lola decided that the right step to take is to leave the Church along with her friends at Dror Center. Since 2012, Lola is steadily advancing on the Bridge at Dror Center. In February 2020, Lola attested to the State of Clear and in February 2021, as part of her preparations to do the OT Levels, Lola completed the Basic Form of the False Purpose Rundown.

Ron Hubbard describes this rundown in his bulletin of 5 June 1984R, FALSE PURPOSE RUNDOWN:

“That beings are basically good and are seeking to survive are two fundamental principles of Scientology.

“A being’s basic goodness can be made brightly evident or be heavily obscured, the quality of his life and survival potential can be enhanced or reduced, all through a factor fundamental to the thetan himself: PURPOSES.

“Where a being has accumulated nonsurvival  purposes and intentions, he will be found to be having, doing and being far below his potential.”

“Barriers to enjoyment of life and attainment of goals that before seemed solid and formidable can be whisked away like a puff of smoke before a fresh gust of wind. What would be left if such barriers were gone? Certainty of self and one’s basic purposes and intentions – and a revitalized reach, drive and confidence in one’s ability to achieve them, free from self-restraint.”

We interviewed Lola about her wins. This is what she told us:

“After I attested Clear I have more ability to achieve my goals, it is a very good state and still there is more to clean. The False Purpose Rundown cleans all the barriers in life which prevent you to be at cause in life.

“I am happy that I did this process. I feel very clean, I can think clearly because there is nothing that bothers me.

“I saw decisions which I made that caused me damage and I got rid of them. It helped me find myself, the communication line with myself is cleaner. Now I can achieve my goals.

“I highly recommend this process to anyone who wants to improve his life and clean all wrong goals from his past.

“The best advice I can give is to advance on both sides of the Bridge, it will help to handle any situation.”

In preparation to do her OT Levels, Lola is advancing on the Solo Auditor Course in Dror’s Academy. Lola shared with us her wins on the course:

 “It is a great experience to learn to give auditing. You realize that you must take responsibility for yourself because you are not just a preclear but also the auditor.

“At the beginning of the course, I felt that it is complicated to understand how the E-Meter works and how to apply this Technology in session. But it gets easier as long as I continue to advance on the course. It is like magic, now I feel much more prepared to go in session.”

“It is getting easier to confront this subject and there is no reason to be worried that I will not know what to do in session.”

6 thoughts on “Lola Loving the False Purpose Rundown”

  1. Congratulations, Lola, on all you have achieved. May you have a wonderful and adventurous journey to OT. 🙂

    Chris Black, HSST
    Class VIII C/S

  2. Tami Lemberger

    Lola my dear friend – together we went quite a journey! I am fortunate to be your friend! Your tenacity is admirable!
    Lots of love,

    1. Dear Tami , Thank you very much for the friendly relationship over so many years, your love and professionalism amazes ❤️

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