Dima’s Adventures in Riga-Land

Dima Dubinin, Dror Center’s senior auditor, returned recently from a month-long visit to Riga, Latvia.

Dima Dubinin first arrived at Dror Center in 1996 as a teenager with study difficulties at school. He began his training and auditing at Dror and continued his auditor training at the Tel Aviv Org and later at the Tampa Org, Florida. In 2000, Dima joined staff at Dror and took on many hats: Academy Supervisor, Purification Rundown C/S, and Class 5 Auditor.

Following Dror’s departure from the Church in 2012, Dima continued his training, completing the Graduate 5 Auditor Course and the OT Review Auditor Course. Today, Dima is one of the world’s most experienced auditors. He has brought tens of his preclears to the State of Clear, Dima audits the entire Bridge – from Life Repair to NED for OT’s. In addition, Dima supervises new auditors at Dror Center and at LifePower Centers abroad.

In August 2021, Dima went to Riga, Latvia to audit and train the staff and public of Riga’s LifePower Center. LifePower Riga was established in 2018 by Kaspars Cveigelis and Gatis Drevins, who are good friends and successful businessmen.

Kaspars and Gatis were introduced to Ron Hubbard’s technology at the Mission of Scientology in Riga in 2012. They observed deviations in the Church’s conduct and decided to search for another place to progress on Hubbard’s Bridge. They soon found Dror Center and in 2016 arrived in Israel for the first time to receive training and auditing. Since then, they have been coming to Dror steadily twice a year.

Please see this link for more on Kaspars.
And this one for more on Gatis.

Kaspars and Gatis decided to help their fellow Latvians go up the Bridge and soon trained as LifePower coaches and auditors. Upon completion of their training, they opened LifePower Riga. They translated the LifePower books to Latvian and began delivering courses and auditing. See here the site of LifePower Riga.

Tami Lemberger, Dror’s senior C/S, and Dani Lemberger, Dror Center’s and the LifePower project’s founder, visited Riga to help organize and promote Hubbard’s Technology. During these visits, Dani gave lectures to dozens of people about the mind, communication, and the Bridge.

Kaspars has taken the role of managing and marketing, while Gatis is the auditor and Academy Supervisor.

In the last two years, due to the Corona limitations, Kaspars and Gatis could not visit Israel. Still, they increased their center’s activity, creating a high demand for auditing and training. About 30 people have already finished the various LifePower courses, and now wish to advance up the Bridge.

With Tone 40 intention, Kaspars and Gatis organized Dima’s trip to Riga. On this trip, Dima audited 14 pre-clears, met another 10 individuals reaching for the Bridge, and continued Gatis’s training as a professional auditor.

In the video below, Dima talks about our partners in Riga and his experiences from the visit. Enjoy.

For more data about the LifePower network, kindly view this talk given by Dani Lemberger.

6 thoughts on “Dima’s Adventures in Riga-Land”

  1. Thanks to Dima and the whole Dror Center for making the visit possible. We slipped out like through the eye of a needle 🙂
    A long time without auditing had depleted my batteries, but now I am charged and we can go further at full capacity.
    I am glad that we managed to introduce some of our friends to the auditing and especially glad that I was able to move my family higher on the bridge.

  2. Thank you Kaspars!!! You have amazing group!! Thank you for everything you do in Riga. I was happy to visit you. See you soon!!

    My deep appreciation!

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