The Story of LifePower

Dani Lemberger

Greetings from Dani Lemberger!
About a month ago I recorded a video, 29 minutes long, in which I talk about my Scientology history and present a major dissemination campaign my partners and I have been working on the past two years.
This project is called LifePower, it has its own website.
If you care about the future of Scientology, my talk may interest you.

Below, you can see this video. You will notice that I am reading it from a prepared text to ensure accuracy.
The video has subtitles in three languages: English, Russian, Hebrew. Please hit the “Settings” button at the bottom of the YouTube screen to choose subtitles language.

The full text of my talk appears below with copies of the LRH references quoted.
After watching, kindly leave your questions or comments below. Thanks!

Hi, I am Dani Lemberger.
This is an address to you: Dear Fellow Scientologist.

Over two years ago, I embarked on a vast dissemination campaign of Scientology – Ron Hubbard’s applied philosophy. This project, named LifePower, is still in creation, yet finally it is ready to be announced. I would like to share with you the story behind it: What I’m doing and why.

Allow me, first, a few words about myself which may explain my dedication to Ron and the huge investment I am making in this project.

Distant Past
This lifetime, I started doing Scientology at the San Francisco Mission, run by Reggie Caldwell. As I walked up the stairs to the mission on Sutter Street, in April 1980, I had a weird sensation of, “This must be it, what I’ve been looking for a long time.” In the prior years, I had done almost every practice available. There were some gains but they all felt an almost, not quite the real thing. These other practices – five years of psychoanalysis, Zen Buddhism, meditation, yoga, Carlos Castaneda, Alan Watts, Timothy Leary’s LSD, Judaism, Marxism, sex, philosophy, economics, politics, Master of Business Administration, art and brilliant friends –  provided some understanding of life and fleeting highs. But they were far from an explanation of human existence, they did not provide sustained personal improvement nor a remedy for my gloom.

And there were some weird inexplicable phenomena, pictures in my mind, ideas, emotions which I could not explain, just a knowingness that there is something I once knew, but cannot recall.

At the Mission, I instantly became enthusiastic on the Comm Course, supervised by David Michel. I received student auditing on New Era Dianetics from Laura Hawkes, going Whole Track on my third session. I began auditing others on NED, under legendary Class VIII C/S Bob Lauffer, and went exterior when cogniting on the power of this technique, which somehow felt familiar.

As I progressed with my auditing, the mental fog lifted. I recalled auditing from past life, that I had co-audited tons of Dianetics before. On my CCRD, done at ASHO Los Angeles in 1988, the time and location I went Clear was Tel Aviv, 1951. Strange: Clear in Tel Aviv? in 1951? I had already learned not to force logic on my time track and not to argue with what comes up. Apparently, in 1951, I was a recent fugitive from war-torn Europe, a German Jew who escaped the Holocaust now living in Tel Aviv, itself war-ravaged and scraping on food rations, and somehow I did Dianetics then.

Tami and I rapidly moved up the Bridge. We first came to Flag in 1989, I did my L11, Admin training and OT Levels. Tami did her OT Levels and auditor training. We lived with our two small kids in the Hacienda Gardens, mixed accommodations for staff and public. And who were our next-door neighbors? The most dedicated and loveable Scientologists ever – Victor and Erica Barram. We’d pop in quite often, there was so much to hear from them, such high affinity and so much in common. They were refugees from Germany, Victor the age of my mother, had been a Dianeticist from 1951 in Tel Aviv. He later joined staff at Saint Hill, trained as a Class VI under Ron and was stationed by the Guardian’s Office in Berlin. We became close friends and several years later, when we got Tami’s father on the Bridge, he lived several months with Erica in East Grinstead while Victor was at Flag, FES’ing in the L’s HGC. Erica later joined Victor in Clearwater.

One evening, at the Hacienda, I asked Victor how he started Scientology. He told me this fantastic story about some New York Jew who came to Israel at the end of 1950 with a suitcase full of Dianetics books. Victor never met the guy, he didn’t even know his name. This guy handed out the Dianetics books and a copy reached Victor who started auditing, lecturing and founded the first Dianetics group in Tel Aviv, early 1950’s. After one such lecture he was approached by a young lady, Erica, interested not only in Dianetics, who later became his wife.

From my auditing and the CCRD, I knew this was how I started too, but decided not to say anything to Victor, “No case discussion,” we were told. I recalled finding the book in Tel Aviv through a friend in late 1950, and studying it fervently and co-auditing for over a year, despite my poor English. Me and my buddy co-audited hundreds of hours and wildly overran Dianetics. I went Clear end of 1951 but we sailed on a few more months. I hit heavy charges and explosions. These kept me awake at night and finally, on a cold rainy night, sent me spinning with my motorbike into a truck.

I picked up this body with the Lemberger family on 31 May 1952. They decided to call it Daniel, Dani for short. They too, of course, were German refugees who luckily escaped the Holocaust, then made it to Haifa, Palestine in 1935.

Elan Barram, son of Victor and Erica, was our close friend and Tami’s preclear until Miscavige did us part. He met his wife, Vered, at Dror Center in 2006. Some years ago, Elan gave me a copy of Certainty magazine of February, 1954.

Page 18 is titled, “Scientology Overseas”. It had this story:

Here’s an excerpt:
“This month our report comes from Israel.

“It all started when Bernie Ross came to Israel from the States, in the year 1950, bringing some fifteen copies of Hubbard’s first book with him.

“Bernie… proceeded to place the books at several libraries and bookstores after first writing his name in them. It did not take long before a group of interested people started co-auditing.

“During 1951, teams formed and separated, psychosomatics were treated with success and people found themselves more self-determined.

“On the 16th February 1952, people founded the Dianetic Centre of Israel. Wigdor Hochmann became secretary, whose enthusiasm and organisatory abilities brought things to a head.

“Now, people in Israel are of the most diverse cultural and language background. The first course for auditors led by Eugen Adler was held in German. The second course, led by Amiram Goldblatt and Menahem Berglass was in Hebrew. This means that every bit of material received has to be translated first into several languages. Also, every course has to be divided into two parts – theory, techniques – and in this way a course may take as long as several months.”

Thank you Bernie Ross, for bringing Dianetics to Israel. I do not remember if we ever met. The person mentioned above as secretary of the Dianetic Centre, Wigdor Hochmann, is, you may have guessed, Victor Barram. I happen to speak both German and Hebrew: ‘Hochmann’ in German is ‘tall man’; ‘Barram’ in Hebrew is ‘tall man’. ‘Wigdor’ is Hebrew for Victor.

In February 1952, when skidding with my bike into the truck and having my head crushed, I made a sharp decision, “I will be back.” I promised myself I will soon return to study Hubbard’s philosophy and dedicate my next life, and those after, to the study and application of the only workable spiritual technology known to Mankind. And this I have been doing ardently, or fanatically, since 1980.

Recent Past
In 1992, Tami and I returned to Israel, following extensive training at Flag, both on Solo NOTs. We established Dror Center which steadily grew to become one of the largest missions under the Church of Scientology.

Around the year 2000, it became pretty obvious that, “Something is rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark.” (Marcellus to Horatio in Shakespeare’s Hamlet.) But I also knew well, from my wealth of education and experience as an executive, that the fish rots from the head down.

All my attempts at communication with top management or correction of severe outpoints were met with threats and punishment. Eventually, in 2012, it was manifest that we can only do Scientology, and remain loyal to Ron Hubbard, outside the Church. True, Hubbard founded the Church in the early 1950’s, but with him off-guard thirty years later, it had been taken over by some evil individuals, greedy for self while crushing Ron’s vision of a Cleared Planet.

In June 2012, we were expelled and declared ‘Suppressives’ with most of our group. The initial fears were soon replaced with fervor to collect all of Ron’s writings and train on the precise delivery of the full Bridge, 100% Standard. This we have done with great success! In June 2012 there were about 50 persons on Dror lines. When we left, we went down to about 40 since around ten stayed in the church, poor souls. Now, in May 2019, we have over 100 people on lines, many coming from Europe. We deliver with perfect results the OT Levels, the fabulous L Rundowns and our booming academy is turning out new auditors steadily.
But a major issue still needs fixing!

Present Situation
The most severe challenge we face, and have been wrestling with since 1950, is how to reach the broad population of this planet. If we are serious when saying, “Cleared Planet”, then we envision millions going up the Bridge and Earth’s population admiring Hubbard and his philosophy. Ron’s teachings must become acceptable to governments, opinion leaders, therapists, educators, communities, universities and the media world-wide. This is an ‘Ideal Scene’ statement, yet frankly, the reality we face is far from it.

Simply stated, we’re talking marketing: How do we get thousands of new people on the Bridge? How do we present Ron’s philosophy to the broad public? How do we sell auditing and training? How do we create a new civilization and a spiritually aware individual?

Ron could have never envisioned that the organization he founded, the Church of Scientology, being taken over by traitors. Thus, true Scientology being delivered only outside the Church by ‘Indies’ and ‘Freezoners’. It is now our duty to carry the torch, to disseminate and deliver Standard Tech.

In July 1974, Ron issued ED 243, Books Make Booms, which became the major motto for our marketing.

Ron re-emphasized this message in HCOPL 10 July 79, Publications Orgs are Sales Orgs, stating at the end: SUMMARY … Book sales are the key to org survival and expansion. They are the FIRST line of promotion and contact. Flood the public with books and they will come into the org for services in droves. Books do make booms.”

Seriously now, is this working? Are millions of Hubbard’s books sold annually to the world’s population? Are they coming into the orgs, Church or independent, for services ‘in droves’? Are Ron’s books currently making a boom? The reality which we must face, and take responsibility for, is that this is not happening. There are many reasons why not, but I’ll state just a few, based on my experience and observation.

Our major textbook is Dianetics, published by Ron in 1950. For today’s audience, almost 70 years later, this book is hard to read. Nowadays, they want the message short, quick, simple and with lots of mass – graphics and video clips, easy to digest. Even when one does read Book One, it’s quite a challenge to audit a pc just based on the book.

Over the years, managing Dror Center and talking to hundreds of people, a few who have read Dianetics approached me and demanded to go Clear like it says in the book. They were dismayed to hear, “We don’t do it like this anymore, the Tech has advanced and now we have the Bridge.” Book One does not contain the Tech as it is now practiced, since Ron made so many discoveries right after 1950 and he continued to develop the Tech remarkably. To name just a few major breakthroughs after 1950: The discovery of the Thetan as source of life, the Whole Track one must audit to go Clear (not prenatal engrams), the discovery of electrical mental charge and introduction of the E-Meter, ARC, TR’s, Objectives, PTS Tech, Overts and Withholds, the Grades and much more, culminating in 1978 with New Era Dianetics and R3RA as the rundown that takes you to Clear. All this, before even mentioning the OT Levels.

There are many other LRH books and lectures and bulletins, most of which are not accessible to the broad public, too complex to grasp or apply from reading only.

About two years ago, I realized something’s got to be done. It soon dawned on me that ‘the bell tolls for thee’. If I don’t do it, who will? I cannot wait for another to do what must be done, I can only take responsibility, do it myself and suffer the consequences.

The Handling
I sat myself down to write a book, whose name evolved into LifePower. I wrote it in English and Hebrew, it’s since been translated into Russian, French, Latvian, German and Spanish. We are establishing the LP network, myself temporarily the owner and financial supporter. We are building websites in the seven languages and opening LP Centers and course-rooms in several locations.

The LP book of 370 pages has two main parts. Part A, Understanding, contains much of the philosophy’s essentials: Dynamics, Tone Scale, ARC, KRC, Admin Scale, Be-Do-Have, the Spirit, How the Mind works, Analytical and Reactive Minds and much more. Part B, Ability, is the practical: Lots of drilling and co-auditing – Confront Drills, O/W write-up (optional), Recall Processes (as in Self-Analysis) then Clearing Process (same as Dianetics). The book introduces readers to the E-Meter and urges going up the Bridge to Clear. Hubbard is presented in the book, and myself – his student and follower.

This structure follows Ron’s instructions in HCOPL 7 April 1965, Book Income:

“Another pre-selection point is the offer of doingness type books. Do it yourself. “Any two people can …” … “do what’s in this book and get better”…. Books have to be: 1. Offered with heavy impact; 2. Have to be delivered fast fast fast to give delivery impact; and, 3. Contain material to fit the person’s level so that want-Scientology is aroused.”

The major feature of the LP book is that it teaches how to audit! It’s precisely per Ron, 100% Standard Tech, just written, simplified and presented for today’s audience. The book contains more than a hundred original color illustrations, highly aesthetic. The book is attractive to look at and the illo’s provide mass when teaching the Dynamics, Tone Scale, Comm Formula, Spirit, Reactive Mind, Traumas, Incident Chains, ARC Triangle and many more concepts.

When designing the book, I had in mind the basics: HQS Course, HDA (Hubbard Dianetics Auditor Course) and the Anatomy of the Human Mind Course (AHMC). Ron outlines this sequence in ED 344, 10 May 1982, The Ridge on the Bridge:

“A lecturer who has been running the AHMC on Italian TV …. He has been very successful, …getting near to 100 % sign-ups after Book One, Anatomy of the Human Mind Course and HQS. He also found that the AHMC was best to bridge people over from Book One to Scn services…. Since the subjects covered are not only the analytical and the reactive minds but also the thetan, mind and body, communication, Tone Scale, cycle of action, ARC triangle, etc., this gives an intro to Scientology.”

Perfect! Precisely what you will find in LP.

The LifePower Centers demanded of me to lower the gradient even further and write additional introductory books of which two are done. Here they are: The Complete Communication Manual, teaches TR’s 0 to 4; this book is The Story of C & I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention, teaches the subject of control, intention, postulates, determinism and drills Upper Indoc TR’s 6 to 9.

Each of the three books has a course checksheet, the Communication Course and Control & Intention Course being pre-requisites for the LP Coach Course. The LP Coach Course teaches the students thoroughly the building blocks of the philosophy and then trains them as book auditors. The graduates receive a certificate of Licensed LP Coaches and we assist them in opening new LP Centers with technical support, materials, a page on our website and promotion on social media. The first LP Center outside Israel opened a few months ago in Riga, Latvia and is prospering, its students eager to go up the Bridge.

I assure you that all that’s in these books is 100% Standard LRH Technology. I wouldn’t have it any other way; my partners are KSW fanatics who would never let me do it any other way. Over the past 27 years as manager of Dror Center, I have given tens of lectures to thousands of people, many of whom went up the Bridge. Hundreds of people have spoken to me in person seeking my advice and went on course or auditing. You could say this project is my Power Change condition and these books are my hat write-up.

What I am doing is not novel or unique. Ron encouraged others to write and publish, including Mary Sue Hubbard, yet most famous was Ruth Minshull. The church itself published many books and packs for new public, such as the Dianetics and Scientology Picture Books, the How to Use Dianetics videos, Life Improvement courses, the Scientology Handbook and materials for its various networks: WISE, Criminon, Narconon and Applied Scholastics.

LP has been in piloting the past year. It is proving to be a reliable, no-fail, Bridge to the Bridge; an undercut that facilitates people’s early acquaintance with Ron and his Tech. Most people then reach for the Bridge and are easy to handle at one of the LP Centers. Once on the Bridge, they receive auditing precisely per LRH bulletins and books and when training in the academies, the materials are only LRH.

Ron says in HCOB 5 March 1965, Book of Case Remedies, Application of Tech:

“A sure road to award and glory is to find a new application for an existing Scientology process or principle or book. The period of the discovery of principles, processes or original works is surely over as we have everything … Inventing and using new processes is a sure way to slow down the advance. There were only so many anyway and it’s been done. But new ways to apply or disseminate what we’ve got are welcome, welcome, welcome. We’ve not nearly enough of those and we’ll be inventing or seeing them for the next umpty-trillion years.”

We are the trustees of Ron’s legacy.
In 1957 Ron published a booklet, Scientology: Clear Procedure, Issue One.

In the introduction, Ron charged us as follows:

“Therefore, I charge you with this – look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original work, not offshoots. If I have fought for a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further. I’ll not always be here on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away. You won’t always be here. But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons“The work was free. Keep it so.”

Thank you!

You are invited to visit the LifePower website.
Kindly leave your comments below.

7 thoughts on “The Story of LifePower”

  1. Friends of Dror

    This is a post we just received from David M. Pelly. He asked that we post it. Thank you, David, for your fascinating story re Bernie Ross:


    Very long story short: I had been very sick mentally and physically for several yrs. Since I was 15, I read 100’s of books, did a few different religions and tried all kinds of therapies and nothing worked. I was only getting worse. I was 43 and dying.

    On Good Friday of 97, at 10 AM, I was sitting on my pillow crying, contemplating suicide. But I did not want to. I said a prayer: God, I want my sanity back.

    I fell asleep for about 10 minutes and then decided I wanted to eat something. On the way to the kitchen, I turned the TV on and caught a commercial in progress that said in only black and white text: “For the source of all your emotional disorders read Dianetics page such and such.” (God answered my prayer in 10 minutes.)

    I happened to have the book in my rather large library. My sister bought it for me for a Christmas present ,11 yrs earlier, in 1985. I never read it, because it was about science and I was not interested in science. I wanted God to heal me.

    This time it caught my interest and decided to read it. I read all day and late into the night. And next day. By Saturday night at 8 PM I had to find out more about the book. Somehow I found a number and called it and it happened to be the COS in Toronto.

    I asked for more information on Dianetics and the guy asked me if I wanted a demo? I did not know what a demo was, but I said yes anyways. We made a time for 12 noon on Easter Sunday. Prior to this, I was in such bad shape, that I did not trust my driving, especially on an expressway.

    But this Dianetics thing, gave me some new found hope, and I decided to go. I was about an hour away from Toronto. When I got there, the guy who was assigned to give me a demo, did not show up to work.

    So the attendant got a young man from WISE. He gave me a very good 2.5 hr session. He found my life ruin, when my dad beat me with a piece of split 1×4 , and almost killed me when I was 4 yrs old for getting my new shoes wet. From that beating, I never fully recovered and was dying.

    I felt like I was pulled out from under a rock pile. I went clear for about an hour. It was amazing. I thought to myself, that this guy did more for me in 2.5 hrs then everything I did in the previous 27 yrs. I was convinced.

    Hubbard explains such a case in Dianetics on page 214 of my 1992 soft cover edition. As LRH said, “add punishment to the score and illness and aberration will set in most certain by 40 or 50, and death will ensue sometimes after.” That spoke to me. It was my case exactly.

    After the beating, I developed a multitude of disorders, including learning disabilities, and dyslexia (left is right and right is left), poor coordination, disorientation, narcolepsy, catatonia, cataplexy, and getting lost in familiar places. And fear of people and schizotypal personality disorder.

    Because I was aberrated, dad figured that I needed more beatings and scoldings, so he did so. I had a difficult time walking a straight line all my life.

    Significance, so far: My sister bought me DMSMH for a Christmas present in 1985. I almost died on Good Friday of 1997. On Easter Sunday of 97, I had my resurrection.

    Long story short, a week later, I did Ups and downs, and Personal Values and Integrity in the COS. I had great wins from the courses.

    During that time, I saw that the place was like an asylum. Most people were very aberrated and scared me, they seemed to restimulate me. They did not appear to be qualified to help me or anyone.

    I questioned their sanity? They showed me a video of Miscavige preaching about something. Then asked me what I thought of him?
    I said, I think there is something wrong with him.

    And long story short, that led to me being declared PTS. Before escorting me out of the building, they sold me, four home study courses: 1. Dianetics, home study. 2. Science of Survival, home study. 3. SP/PTS home study, 4. Intro to Scn Ethics.

    I had no reservations about buying the courses, because I knew the data was good. My sojourn in the COS was very short. I did the courses 3 times each over the next 4 months. I found Science of Survival especially beneficial. I now think with the data in that book.

    In September of the same year, I was in the USA on a business conference and met a guy who told me about Freezone Scn. And that they had their own magazine called the Free Spirit Journal.

    He mailed his latest copy to me. Got it on the next Friday. It was great. There were 9 auditors advertising their auditing services. I called them all and left messages.

    Only one man (Bob Ross) returned my call. He called on Sunday at 1 PM. Gave me two sessions on the phone. Two hrs apart. They were great. After the session, my feet grew a size and a half immediately, and in the next couple of yrs, I grew over 2 inches.

    Reason: Over time, I realized it was because my growth was stunted from the beatings and the auditing Bob did, (plus the demo) released something to cause my growth to catch up. (For brevity and expedience: I left out a lot of information in this story.)

    Over the next two months, Bob gave me about 40 more hours and then I had a huge release and went very clear and was in a very high state. It was very powerful. I was almost invincible. I was ahead of the game of life. Life was surreal. Life felt like flying a fighter jet at top speed in the sky, compared to walking in ordinary life. I felt like I could manifest anything I wanted, but did not want anything. That is the short story.

    Bob told me that in Dec 1950, Hubbard sent him to Israel, with a box of Dianetics books to open up a Dianetics centre there.

    Now we have come full circle. We have a common reality with Bob Ross. He also called himself Bernard and or Bernie.

  2. I forgot to include that I was in that peak high powered state for two weeks. Unfortunately a bad overt caved me in. Lesson learned.

    I think that peak state is same state as to what is called the kingdom of heaven or kingdom of God in Christianity.

    My goal is to figure out how to be in that state all the time.

    For a reason that should now be obvious from my main post, I call my self a Christian Scientologist.

    LRH gives credit to Jesus of Nazareth as one of his sources in the introduction to 8-0-0-8.

  3. Marella Ciocia

    I have just read your email…I have known you through Aviv exchanging with him some email in the recent past. I am really happy to hear from you and read how Ron’s tech is applied standardly and producing changes in the life quality of your public! I am one of the people unhappy because of the poor results that I got from Auditing till OT 3. I cannot yet say when but I look forward knocking at your door at your Dror Center…

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