Yaniv Berliner Comes Back

Yaniv Berliner

Yaniv Berliner is a software engineer, a father of four, who lives in Yoqneam, a small town near Haifa.

Yaniv began his Scientology adventure 22 years ago, at Flag, while traveling in the U.S. He did the Communication Course with great wins but soon realized that the Church of Scientology is not where he wants to be. Yaniv returned home to Israel, remembering that the Tech itself is terrific.

When he saw Tami and Dani Lemberger on a TV show over four years ago, he was thrilled to see that Dror Center is prospering outside the church. Two years ago he came back on Dror lines, rapidly moving up the Bridge with auditing and training.

He recently did the Business Repair Course and works with Pavel Shahar and Nir Lahav in their management consulting firm.

Yaniv just attested to completion of Grade 0 – Communication Release, here’s this video:

Following his attest, he gave us a brief interview, highlighting his Scientology experience:

Both videos are in English.

7 thoughts on “Yaniv Berliner Comes Back”

  1. george marshall


  2. Very well done Yanniv.

    Congadulations on your recent win and all the best for your future progress.


    Kevin Tanner

    DOWNUNDER !!!!!

  3. Friends of Dror

    And here’s a comment by Cfiri Winehouse:

    Yaniv is one of the most brilliant students and motivated Thetans.
    He always encourages me to go ahead one step more then I already did.
    He has the ability to show us how strong and happy we can be if we are on the Bridge.
    Thank you Yaniv, a great friend.
    And thanks to Dror and all of you for bringing such great people.
    Cfiri Winehouse

    1. Yaniv Berliner

      Thank you Cfiri. Cfiri is one of the best person I know. He is dedicated for success and has an amazing achivements

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