Carmela Weizman Completes OT Preparations and OT Eligibility

Carmela Weizman

Carmela has been on Dror Center’s staff since 1996.
Carmela is a highly skilled and experienced auditor who specializes in introductory services to new public and the auditing of children.

After attesting to The State of Clear in June 2018, Carmela began to learn how to Solo audit. Her experience of auditing others, helped her in mastering the Solo Auditor skills. Most of the OT Levels are Solo, that is why it is utterly important to become first an auditor and then to learn to Solo audit. Carmela is a great example of the above.

In March 2019, Carmela attested Solo Auditor Course, Part Two. Recently she completed her preparations for the OT Levels and now her OT Eligibility!

You are invited to watch this video of Carmela’s wins and short briefing from Senior C/S Dror Center, Tami Lemberger. We’ve added subtitles in English. Enjoy!

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