Pleased to Introduce – Baiba Berzina

In August 2021, Dima Dubinin, Dror Center’s Senior Auditor, visited Riga, Latvia to audit and train the staff and public of Riga’s LifePower Center.

LifePower Riga was founded four years ago based on the LifePower books and courses with a goal to deliver Hubbard’s Bridge to Spiritual Freedom to the people of Latvia.

Dima gave auditing to the founders of LifePower Riga – Kaspars Cveigelis and Gatis Drevins. Dima also continued Gatis’ training as a professional auditor. In addition, Dima met with many graduates of LifePower Riga, who received Bridge auditing for the first time. Baiba Berzina was one of those fortunate people.

Baiba Berzina, a resident of Riga, is the owner of CopyPro, a successful international printing company.

For a long time, Baiba searched for an effective method to deal with personal issues and for tools to improve her life. She tried her hand at many different practices, searching for the one that is the most effective and long-lasting.

Baiba arrived at LifePower Riga about a year ago, following the recommendation of Agneta, Kaspars’ wife. She began her LifePower journey with the Effective Communication Course.

During Dima’s stay in Riga, Baiba completed the Life Repair program – the first step on Hubbard’s Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. Here is her success story following the auditing she received:

"During the auditing, I could see how I live, how I feel most of the time, how I look at things and how I act and make decisions. At some moment while on auditing, I started to feel calmer, more relaxed, and freer. Subjects like 'Guilt' and 'Responsibility' received a new meaning and became simple. Also, I have gained new tools to make better decisions."

You are invited to watch Dima’s interview with Baiba in which she shares her wins:

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  1. Great Baiba!!!
    Thank you for sharing your wins!
    Also – many thanks to our mutual friends – Agneta, Kaspars and Gatis!
    Much love

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