Proud to Present: Valentins Cernakovs

Valentins Cernakovs

In August 2021, Dima Dubinin, Dror Center’s Senior Auditor, visited Riga, Latvia to audit and train the staff and public of Riga’s LifePower Center.

LifePower Riga was founded in 2018 by Kaspars Cveigelis and Gatis Drevins – good friends and successful businessmen.

Kaspars wears the hat of managing and marketing, while Gatis is the academy supervisor and auditor.

Thanks to their professional work, LifePower Riga is prospering and expanding, with over 20 preclears and students receiving services each week.

During Dima’s visit, he gave auditing to the founders of LifePower Riga – Kaspars Cveigelis and Gatis Drevins. Dima also continued Gatis’ training as a professional auditor. In addition, Dima met with many graduates of LifePower Riga, who received Bridge auditing for the first time.

Last week we told you about Baiba Berzina.

Another person to receive auditing from Dima was Valentins Cernakovs, who plays a key role in LifePower Riga’s success, helping Kaspars with marketing and promotion. Valentins Cernakovs is a 28-year- old native of Latvia. He is self-employed in the field of marketing.

Valentins began studying Hubbard’s Tech in the Mission of Latvia in 2017. He did the Comm Course (TRs 0-9), Overcoming Ups and Downs Course and also did the Purification Rundown. Like many of us, Valentins noticed deviations in the Church’s conduct. He decided to join Kaspars and help him in promoting LifePower Riga.

Valentins was delighted to continue his auditing with Dima and advance up the Bridge. Here is Valentins’ success story:

"I felt a major release and a lot of energy from the first hours of the program. Now I feel much more able, ready to act and to achieve my goals."

In the video below, Valentins talks about himself and his wins from auditing:

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